Bitter Behind Uncommon Grounds and Oven

We’ve learned via his message board that Chris Fehlinger, the founder of the Bitter Waitress website and former GM of Food Maestro is involved with both Uncommon Grounds (which he says was put together in 10 days) and Oven on Henry Street. The concepts of both places are promising. This 1999 interview gives us some insight into the force behind the brands.

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  • nabeguy

    Sounds like your typical a-wipe chef. If he has such disdain for his clientele, why does he just slip them some arsenic and get it over with?

  • joe

    Boy isn’t he dripping with disdain for his customers. I can’t stand waiters like him. There is no way he would have been able to sell me head cheese or a goat’s head. I find I know more about food than most waiters at Babbo so I rarely ask or take their recommendations.

    I think busy chef has potential if they have the goods. Someone from chowhound said it was awful. I walked by on Monday which was their opening night and it looked pretty busy. I think the location would have been better closer to the clark st station.

  • The Unfortunate Acquaintance

    Chris Fehlinger is a loser. He opens every conversation with a list of whatever prescription meds he’s currently taking. Then he goes on to talk about the dosages. And the frequencies. And how he abuses some of them recreationally. Holy cow. Two minutes into a conversation with this guy and you’ll wish you had flaming skewers jabbed into your eardrums. He is no chef, either. He has some bulllshit art degree – one of those bullshit art degrees that forces all recipients to either work as waiters or crackwhores. He’s got problems. Meet the guy and you’ll know right off the bat that he’s got problems – lots of problems. No wonder he’s got this website.

  • trybeingnice

    dear acquaintance-you sound like a wonderful person to must have a ton of friends! oh and i have a question for you, if chris is such a loser then how is it that he is the OWNER of a great restaurant? and what do you do? besides sounding like a miserable person who is probally the one who has the problems? jealous much

  • gary smith

    afficianado, food maestro, busy chef, oven, unccomon ground
    all misserable failures from a the same genious who needs to give up his food career and get a day job.
    Starbucks please help……!

  • i agree

    if you want to complain about someone it should be dan the “chef” this guy sucks he is the worst “chef” i have ever seen in my life
    dont spend your money at any of his places people – all he sells is frozen really bad food
    if that is what you want then go for it but nyc has alot more to offer so why waste your time at any of these places

  • Cranberry

    how high were you at 4am?