Open Thread Wednesday


Some thoughts for this week:

Has 9/11 debris been dealt with properly by government agencies in Brooklyn Heights? 

Pace reducing student population at St. George Hotel and Clark Hall. What's next? 

The wacky footbridge to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Worth the time to get worked up over? 

The Brooklyn Eagle reports on some "unofficial" opening day drama at Cadman Plaza Park 

Cranberry Place parents are miffed over being kids program being "forced" out of the space with short notice. Were you one of them? 

… and anything else you'd like to talk about. 

BHB Photo Club pic by Mrs. Fink via Flickr 

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  • http://n/a Bk Hts Lvr

    There was a lot of police activity and a huge crowd around 9 am this morning outside of the St. George Hotel. Apparently someone was throwing bricks off of the roof…does anyone have information about it?

  • Lisa

    I am a mom that took classes at Cranberry place… You never know when a place is going to close around here, it is part of life… and so we find a new place….. No big deal
    Busy Chef… The owner is wonderful!!! The food is fresh, homemade from what I see and hear. I bought a ton of stuff the other day, fish, crab cakes and ravioli(made fresh everyday) The food was good. Anyone else?? I would love to see this place do well. THe owner admitted bagels aren’t his thing YET

  • Lisa

    This is not the first time there have been things flying off the building and hitting people. Not sure if it is the building or people throwing things. Coca Cola and a cig. have been thrown out windows by the kids in the past.

  • nabeguy

    Jeez, I must have just ducked a bullet, or brick in this case, as I walked that stretch at about 9 and didn’t see a thing. And Lisa is right; I’ve heard of other incidents of people being hit with objects from the StG. All you have to do is look at up at the windows on a warm day, and you can see how much stuff these kids rest on their sills, so the only real surprise is that it doesn’t happen more often. It’d be nice to think that window guards for college kids shouldn’t be necessary…

  • JL

    Sounds like this St. George thing was on the Henry Street side, not the Hicks nor Clark St. sides. Can anyone confirm? Either way, if it did come from the students, we should see a reduction in “bricks/objects falling from the sky” reports next year. Yeah!

  • http://n/a Bk Hts Lvr

    It was on the Clark Street side, right in front of the subway entrance…people were ducking under the subway awning to take cover, and there was a fire truck, an ambulance and a number of police officers.

  • nabeguy

    Hope no one was hurt. One thing’s for sure about the StG and the students…as rowdy as they may be, they’re a lot better than the previous occupants when the place was an AID’s hospice for homeless junkies. Now those were some scary times!

  • dinise miller

    long ago and far away!! thankfully.

  • Qfwfq

    I have been unable to reach a human being at the precinct about the incident. The brooklyn eagle has pictures of the block-throwing, and says they will be up on their website real soon now.

  • os

    what else is new???

  • Mikey

    The Busy Chef folks are learning how to make their neighbors love them fast – today’s addition is a (free!) doggy biscuit dispenser and water bowl out front. Nice.

    Uncommon Grounds… hurry up and let us UNinvited guests in, wouldja?