Rep. Towns Holds Court Over 9/11 Debris

Congressman Ed Towns, along with other members of Brooklyn's congressional delegation, held hearings yesterday at Borough Hall on the clean up and the long term effects of 9/11 debris:

New York Times: EPA is Urged to Widen Focus on 9/11: Yvonne J. Graham, the deputy borough president in Brooklyn, said that of the $140 million that the federal Department of Health and Human Services gave to health care organizations after the attacks, only $5.5 million went to Brooklyn, $4 million less than the Bronx, which was not in the path of the main plume.

Kwa-Cheung Chan, a former assistant inspector general at the E.P.A., said that in a 2003 survey conducted by his office, about a quarter of Brooklyn respondents said that their homes had been contaminated with dust or debris from 9/11. A survey by the Sierra Club in neighborhoods southeast of the Brooklyn Bridge, including Red Hook, Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope, found similar results, said Suzanne Y. Mattei, the club’s New York City executive.

“This is only preliminary information meant to indicate where further testing needs to be done,” Ms. Mattei said, “but it sure does follow the dust cloud.”

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