Heights Actor Likes Indie World

The New York Post ran a story this weekend about veteran actor/Brooklyn Heights resident Chris Eigeman:

NY Post: On a Role: 'IF you want me to be clever and quippy, you'll have to pay me," says Chris Eigeman. Which is just the sort of quip one might expect from the type of character that made the actor an indie film darling in the '90s.

This kind of proves his point.

"That's literally how I put bread on my table," says the actor, who honed his trademark persona in a trio of movies by director Whit Stillman: "Metropolitan," "Barcelona" and "The Last Days of Disco." There was also Noah Baumbach's 1995 comedy "Kicking and Screaming," the definitive portrait of male post-collegiate aimlessness.

In all of them, Eigeman played young men who, as one critic pointed out, might have walked out of the pages of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Highly intelligent and maddeningly smug, his characters were fueled by a blend of arrogance, verbosity and vulnerability.

This is why it's a relief, upon meeting him on his home turf in Brooklyn Heights, that he's not actually that guy. In fact, he's into the idea of playing someone other than that guy.

"If someone wants me to play a drug-addled ex-guitar player from a rock band," he offers cheerfully, "I'll do that for free!"

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  • sickandtired

    Has anyone heard any news on Tim Robbins? Does he actually live in the Heights now?

  • http://keever.livejournal.com keever

    I didn’t realize he lived here. Good actor, good taste in neighborhoods!

  • CS

    And where does Gabriel Byrne live? Have seen him on Montague walking w/his kids from Ellen Barkin.

    I heard Molly Shannon lives in Dumbo.

  • sickandtired

    So does Anderson Cooper…

  • CS

    I believe Barry Scheck is down there (perhaps Eagle Warehouse?). He does his shopping at Lassen’s and Key Food with a Silver American Express card.

    Also have seen Joie Lee at Garden of Eden. Really tiny and cute in expensive clothes….

  • CS

    I believe Joie Lee lives in Cobble Hill.

  • sickandtired

    Steven Sengal (sp?) has a place on Cranberry I have been told. Also has anyone heard that he is filming a movie here?

  • JL

    Sickandtired, I think you must mean Steven Segal. Didn’t hear anything about a movie being filmed though. I know AC dines in BH, but I don’t think he lives here.