Old School Laptop

BHB Photo Club pic by dietrich via Flickr 

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  • sickandtired

    I am up and arms over what is going on in our neighborhood. Where is the outrage? No one cares anymore. People trash our streets and sidewalks. No one cleans up after themselves. Crime is up. Businesses our moving out and fast as they open. The cost of living here has gone up and up and up. Does anyone on this blog actually live in the Heights? If you do, why don’t you show more outrage in this forum? I just feel like the Heights is going down hill fast, and no one seems to care.

  • Marco Diaz

    Actually I almost took that typewriter home, but it had some kind of odd potted soil in the case. It gave the impression someone had unearthed it in their backyard. A Grecian urn of the twentieth century.

  • alert&well

    I fear your outrage is not helping to better our community.

    Put your energy into changing things for the better.

  • sickandtired

    Well why don’t we use this forum to work together and make this neighborhood better? I see alot of talk about nothing. Let’s talk about this issues. How can we put an end to the increase in crime in the Heights?

  • nabeguy

    Having been raised in the Heights and lived here off and on for 51 years, I can understand the frustration of “sickandtired”. The cost of living is up, but that’s in response to the citywide market . The Heights has never really been an inexpensive place to live, at least not in the past 30 years. As for crime and garbage in our streets, I’m curious to know just where s&t lives in the Heights, as I’m not seeing that in the North end.