It’s Bocce…In a Bar!

needtherapy.JPGBrigate Bocce learned a few things today – one of which is that America is losing its sense of humor.

After beating the very affable Cleveland Steamers (wonderful citizens of the world btw) in the first round of playoff at FloydNY, the Brigates learned just what they've gained after a decade of therapy.


Kobra Kai, or at least some of their members have not gotten that memo yet. We feel their pain, but urge some of their team to seek some professional help ASAP. Or at the very least chill out to some old Richard Pryor records.

The Brigates put up a valiant fight — JDP from the Polling Unit, Dr. Mark and Mrs. Fink all kicked some arse, if you will.

But for those of you who may not get out very often, we need to reiterate — IT's BOCCE… IN A BAR. 

Understand that Fink has been a big fan of "Ross Flats" blog and his adventures in checking out the bocce courts of NYC. A fine American is he, we say.

But really, did we expect such an immature competitive spirit? Nope. Especially from (perhaps) SOME GUY who wouldn't even hug Fink midway through the match. Fink likes his hugs.

Fink says, "Giochiamo per divertimento. Le nostre vite reali molto stanno soddisfacendo. Riteniamo spiacenti per qualcuno di cui la vita sia così vuota che deve ottenere pazzo noi sopra un gioco bello di bocce."

But when Kobra Kai, who we understand have been in the FloydNY league for years, invoked "Rule 8" after a roll by Naked Idiot's Dan, the game of bocce at Floyd became complete "merda del toro". It made us a little teary, inside — where it counts.

But before YOU decide to take up arms and defend Brigate Bocce, let us say we welcome the day off next week to kick back and enjoy life here in the Greatest City in the World. And rest assured, the folks who run FloydNY didn't have this kind of "special" behavior in mind when they started their bocce league.

Kobra Kai, on the other hand, will be busy obsessing over Rule 8. Really…obsessing…over Rule 8.

For the finals next week we'd like to paraphrase Art Brut — If You Want My Bocce— TOP OF THE POPS …. BOCCELISM — TOP OF THE POPS!

See you on the clay next season. Brigate Bocce will continue to be gentle hippies and nothing more.

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  • Scott

    Thanks for the shoutout and the fun match, Brigate Bocce. Sorry about your loss. We look forward to playing you next season.

    The Cleveland Steamers

  • hot legs

    rod still is hoping to sit on homer fink’s face one day. and when we do, we’ll invoke rule 8 on you.

    what is rule 8, by the way?

    also, just so you know – the blog you linked to is the coffee flats terrors, not cobra kai’s. granted, cpt. kai does have the last name of flatts so i see how it can be confusing but don’t make him go invoking rule 9 on you, blog style if you know what i’m saying.

  • Homer Fink

    We like that blog better. And for our friends in Rod, we still salute you. You… at least … play with the correct spirit. In fact, you let young hearts be free tonight.

    As for Kobra Kai … we wish them G-dspeed.