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Open Thread Wednesday 2/20/13

What’s on your mind? Comment away! (BHB Photo by Claude Scales)

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Open Thread Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It’s 12/12/12, the century’s last-ever sequential date! That must conjure lots of thoughts, ideas, notions and suppositions… about Brooklyn Heights. And since it’s Open Thread Wednesday, comment away! What’s on your mind? (Photo: BHB Photo Club/fkuffel)

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Open Thread Wednesday 11/28/12

What’s on your mind? Comment away! Photo: Heather Quinlan

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Brooklyn Post-Sandy Transit Drama Open Thread

So, how are you dealing with this? Going to work, working from home or hardly working? Comment away!

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Open Thread Wednesday 10/31/12

So, what’s new? Anything exciting happen to you this week? Still “having” Halloween? What’s on your mind? Comment away! (Photo: Mrs. Fink)

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Open Thread: Best Daycare Center In Brooklyn Heights

Last week’s “Best of the Heights” Open Thread on the ultimate spot to find solace in the neighborhood fostered enough responses to prove that folks would dare to share their favorite “private” spots. This week, we’re inquiring about a different kind of repose. A BHB reader wrote, “My wife and I are expecting our first […]

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Open Thread: The Most Beautiful Building In Brooklyn Heights

If you thought Best Burger in Brooklyn Heights was a tough choice, we continue the Brooklyn Heights Blog’s Best Of The Heights Open Thread with a category that I, for one, find next to impossible—thanks to an embarrassment of neighborhood riches… What do you regard as the Most Beautiful Building in the Heights? Church, residential, […]

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Open Thread: Best Dry Cleaner In Brooklyn Heights

Number four in the BHB “Best of Heights” Open Thread series is all about your threads… and where you prefer to have them laundered. First, we surveyed Best Car Service, then Best Handyman and Best Pizza Pie. This week, please share your experiences for general everyday dry cleaning. Among so many options, where do you […]

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Open Thread Wednesday 8/1/12

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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Open Thread Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good day, BHB minions. It’s Open Thread Wednesday for July 18, 2012. Feel free to beat the heat and exercise your right to express what’s on your mind. And despite the ongoing heatwave, please, let’s be cool. (Dude practicing Pilates on Promenade: Chuck Taylor)

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