Open Thread Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It’s 12/12/12, the century’s last-ever sequential date! That must conjure lots of thoughts, ideas, notions and suppositions… about Brooklyn Heights. And since it’s Open Thread Wednesday, comment away! What’s on your mind? (Photo: BHB Photo Club/fkuffel)

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  • BG

    Red Gravy signage up and people in for what I assume was a soft opening last night. Anyone have any intel on an opening date or menu?

  • GHB

    Anybody notice the homeless guy who’s taken up residence at Tazza on Clark Street? He’s been there daily, for hours at a time, at the window seat right at the front entrance. He may buy a cup of coffee, but his continuous presence there can’t be good for business.

  • GHB

    There’s a damaged white Ford Fusion sitting on Remsen with a sign saying it’s going to be picked up by Geico. But it’s been sitting there ever since Sandy. Any idea how much longer that car will be there?

  • DIBS

    You’re a bit of a neighbohood busybody, aren’t you GHB????

  • Homer Fink

    Check out this post at the Brooklyn Bugle with video from inside the Domino Sugar Factory:

  • DIBS

    You’d think someone would have cleaned all that scrap metal & equipment out of there at the height of scrap prices. There’s so much of this sort of thing all up and down the east coast. Jst ride Amtrak to Philly and it’s on both sides of the train, all the way down.

  • GHB

    DIBS, why don’t you go back to annoying people on Brownstoner.

  • DIBS

    I still do that, GHB!!!!! :)

  • Wiley E.

    Walked by Red Gravy last night. It was open, but only the help was there. Maybe it was a dress rehearsal.

  • DIBS

    I’ll walk by today and see what’s up.

  • DIBS

    Saul site says Friday open.

  • AnnOfOrange

    Red Gravy – See NY Times Dining Section today for a little blurb.

  • Gerry

    @ GHB – its not Geico its GEICO, like Dumbo is DUMBO and not Dumbo..

    I saw the white ford and i called 311 the operator took a report said the city would look into this.

    You should call 311 also make the same inquiry.

  • GHB

    Thanks GERRY!

  • Andrew Porter

    Dibs, it’s people like Gerry and GHB who make the Heights the neighborhood it is: concerned citizens, always trying to make things better for all of us.

    Anyone ever noticed the guy who sits on Henry north of the CVS, panhandling? I’ve noticed his cell-phone is a lot more expensive than mine is. And how destitute can he be, having a cell-phone?

    Stopped into the massage place on Remsen the other day, and they’re *still* not open, though the door is unlocked and there are people inside. Another several weeks, they say…

  • JoT

    @GHB, re. the homeless guy at Tazza – sounds similar to the one frequenting the Starbucks, who sits there for hours and then paces up and down Montague all day and night muttering to himself and occasionally yelling out a word or two. Wears a black backpack with an Amazon logo?

    Shout-out to everyone decorating their stoops/windows for the holidays. They look great!

  • Boerum Bill

    It concerns me when a post says “Comments Closed”. Was someone being naughty on the Rolling Stones missive?

  • Bitts

    Wireless Provider! Any recommendations? I don’t need cable or phone, just internet. I was using CLEAR but it doesn’t work well in my building on Remsen. Ideally would like to use a mifi type product so I can also take it with me when I travel.

  • Cat Ghost

    Yeah, the guy who paces up and down Montague at night yelling intermittently is a bit worrying. The Clark St. Tazza guy looks a little crazy, but just sits there. I’m surprised they’ve tolerated it this long.

  • DIBS

    Stopped by Red Gravy. Definitely not ready to pen today as they are still moving equipment in but they said they’d be open Friday.

  • Bugged

    The homeless guy that hangs out opening the door at Chipotle is also rather annoying. I feel like I see him at least a few times a week. Surprise management doesn’t do something about it.

  • R Sue

    As this thread has mentioned the homeless several times, I’d like to point out that many homeless people have jobs (and cell phones), but are just unable to pay NYC rents. Once you are homeless, it’s extremely difficult to save money on things like food because you have no place to keep it, and giving up your phone might lose you your job. I don’t think giving to individuals on the street is the best way to address the issue; giving to Coalition for the Homeless or volunteering through CAMBA’s Respite Bed Program are probably more effective. But please do not view your fellow human beings as merely “bad for business”!

  • ColumbiaHeighster

    @R Sue, here here!

    @Bugged, yeah, it must be really annoying having a homeless person hang out around Chipotle…I’m sure almost as annoying as not having a home.

  • MonroeOrange

    Did someone just say Gerry makes this neighborhood great! Wow

    And the homeless population in the heights is relatively small nowadays. I remember decades ago, when the Clark st station was filled with homeless alll through the winter months. They didn’t bother people then nor now, so let’s let them enjoy their coffee!

  • Joe

    @R Su Thanks for mentioning the Coalition for the Homeless. I was a volunteer for 5 years before having kids. You reminded me that they are a great organization to donate to.

    And yes when I volunteered there, we fed many homeless people who had jobs e.g. bicycle messengers, delivery people , garment workers etc.

  • Boerum Bill

    I kinda miss that big fella that used to set up camp on the corner of State and Clinton.

  • Cat Ghost

    Social disorder isn’t good for anyone. We have a shelter system and mental health services for those who need them. Let-them-be isn’t a solution in a city like NYC. Definitely support homeless charities (NEVER panhandlers) – but govt. authorities need to be more proactive.

  • Diane.

    As a transplant from metro-Detroit moving here not knowing a soul four months ago, I think this part of Brooklyn is heaven on earth. Homeless, trash, damaged cars you name it, I think this area breathes, there is life here. Hopefully I’ll find a job soon so I don’t have to join the ranks of the homeless so I’m asking all you Brooklyn natives to send me some Irish luck. And, thanks for that.

  • Andrew Porter

    From Monday’s NYTimes: “The founder of a nonprofit that rented affordable apartments to a NYC college students siphoned millions of dollars from the agency through a shell company, using the group’s money to fly back and forth to a second home in Aspen, Colo., and to pay for a luxury penthouse in Brooklyn, an investigation by the state attorney general’s office has found.

    “George Scott, the founder of Educational Housing Services … and the group’s board of directors, agreed to a $5.5 million settlement to resolve the inquiry. The group’s board acted with “stunning” negligence in allowing a shell company, which Mr. Scott created, to charge EHS millions of dollars for unnecessary services. The board was also faulted for approving Mr. Scott’s salary: $718,032 in 2010 and as much as $1.4 million in 2007.”

    Wondering why the BHB hasn’t covered this; it concerns the St. George dormitories.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Why do we assume all of the panhandlers are homeless? Some obviously are but some I am quite sure are not. One gentleman that I see regularly, (“anybody got ten cents or a quarter”) seems to be reasonably well fed, reasonably groomed, has a cell phone, and wears numerous pieces of what seem to be gold jewelry. I have never seen him sleeping or having any personal possessions in public. I would guarantee he is not homeless.

    I think panhandling is just way for some to earn extra income.