Open Thread Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It’s 12/12/12, the century’s last-ever sequential date! That must conjure lots of thoughts, ideas, notions and suppositions… about Brooklyn Heights. And since it’s Open Thread Wednesday, comment away! What’s on your mind? (Photo: BHB Photo Club/fkuffel)

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  • Mr. Crusty

    @andrew Porter: “Wondering why the BHB hasn’t covered this; it concerns the St. George dormitories.”

    Apparently not as pressing as a cat lost for over a year and a half.

  • Joe

    @Diane, have you thought of joining a local church/synagogue (don’t know what your religious affiliation is).

    Not only is it a good way to network but it can help you feel more connected to the neighborhood as well as do worthwhile volunteer work that gives back to the community.

  • Jorale-man

    Nice to see some positive comments in here today along with the few anger-management cases.

    Curious: Has anyone tried the re-launched bagel place on Clinton & Atlantic yet? It looks like they’ve dropped the Montreal branding from the storefront.

  • Diane.

    Has anyone read ‘The Glass Castle’ written by a New York Journalist, (forgive me I forgot her name). Her parents,college grads,raised the family among the homeless. The author left ‘home’ at an early age to come to NYC with nothing but a backpack and $87.00 or something like that. She made her way and thrived. One day in Manhattan she saw her mother diving in a dumpster and …… The point: some homeless people choose this way of life. Who are we to say what is normal or comfortable? In truth the book was the inspiration behind my leaving my job, my home and moving to Brooklyn. It’s a very good read.

  • Diane.

    Thank you Joe. I have joined a church, First Church on Henry and I have been volunteering with New York Cares since I landed. It just so happened that not only did the locals welcome me to the neighborhood but so did Sandy! My neighbors are so nice. I’ve been active with NYCares since just before Sandy and she still gets my time. I want to kill her!!!!

  • Knight

    @Andrew Porter: The BHB covered the story when it first broke on February 19th of this year. You can’t say you missed it, either, because you commented on it.

  • Eddyenergizer

    Diane, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Yes great book but don’t forget the fact that her “homeless” parents owned millions of dollars of real estate… they chose to be homeless.

  • Andrew Porter

    Knight, if you mean this:

    It’s a newspaper story, not the results of a criminal investigation by NY State. And my comment was on another comment, not the article in question.

    How about it, Homer?

  • David on Middagh
  • Knight

    Yes, Homer, how about it? This way Porter will be able to walk into the office of the EHS manager on Clark and self-righteously wag his finger at him the way he has at the manager of Andy’s on Montague and the owner of Tutt’s Cafe on Hicks.

  • hickster

    has anyone noticed the crackhead squatters in the garden apartment of 154 hicks. bldg is in abandoned and these are category 5 crackheads. what is happening here?

  • JV

    Andrew there are so many other good massage therapists around if you need a massage. Massage envy would not be my first choice anyway. They pay there therapists very low wages and expect the customer to make up the difference in the tip.

  • Sheila

    Thank you for the beautiful cheerful picture of the brownestone foliage. Miss the sunsets from the Promenade. Keep on looking up folks, stop griping!

  • Moni

    Anybody-got-ten-cents-or-a-quarter guy has a monotone delivery that drives me nuts. He used to be on Court St., now Montague. Recently he changed his pitch to a request for food, as he pretended (repeatedly) to search in a corner trash can. By all means do NOTgive him money. He’s a pretender.

  • James

    Each of these “homeless” persons has as much right to be on the sidewalk as anyone else. If you have a problem with the clientele in an establishment – talk to the management. Whining here doesn’t solve anything.

  • GHB

    Oh James… are you new to this blog? Or the internet in general? Because without whining, you’ve got nothing!

  • James

    The correct spelling is Interent.

  • James

    Oops – Internet…

  • Wiley E.

    I saw the ten-cents-to-a-quarter guy getting on the courtesy bus to 1BBP the other day. Does he live there?

  • hicksanthrope
  • Knight

    Thank you for that link, hicksanthrope. I had not seen it. The fact that our Mayor missed is that helicopters don’t need to fly over ANY residential neighborhoods if they take off, follow, and land on the Manhattan side of the river. Tourists don’t really want to see Brooklyn Heights or DUMBO; they want to see the Manhattan skyline, which is perfectly visible from the middle of the rivers (East or Hudson). That way the only residential neighborhoods loudly impacted would be those right next to the heliports … for which there is no real solution.

  • David on Middagh

    The mayor’s interrogator (whoever he was) might have given a better answer when asked where the helicopters should fly: tourist helicopters should not fly. Above residential areas, the technology is too intrusive for anything but emergency use. And he might have added leafblowers, too.

  • Jazz

    Ate Armando’s this week it tasted like they’ve stopped caring . Next stop Kitchen Nightmares?