Open Thread Wednesday 10/31/12

So, what’s new? Anything exciting happen to you this week? Still “having” Halloween? What’s on your mind? Comment away! (Photo: Mrs. Fink)

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  • Knight

    First? That would be a first for me!

    Other than remarks about Jane’s Carousel, can anyone comment on how the larger part of Brooklyn Bridge Park fared the hurricane and its concurrent storm surge?

  • Shannon

    Are kids still trick or treating today? Someone had mentioned to me that some communities were considering moving Halloween back a week?

  • Boop

    Does anyone know if the post office is open today/will be open tomorrow?

  • Tclinton11201

    Sorry Boop no clue, all I saw was some postal workers collecting mail from dropboxes.

  • Natasha

    Yes – does anyone know if there’s trick or treating in Bklyn Hts tonight? Garden Place happening? Would appreciate any info, as I have two cabin feverish kids with a pile of pals aching to dress up tonight…..

  • Jorale-man

    I went jogging around Pier 6 this morning. It was closed off but I could see in that it didn’t look too bad. A lot of gunk from the harbor seemed to have been left behind on the paths but nothing looked damaged. The portion around Jane’s Carousel seemed to be in reasonably good shape too yesterday. The worst thing I could see was a picnic table was over turned and moved about 50 feet down the path. It’ll require some cleanup for sure.

  • Public Servant

    The post office is open. I work in the same building and saw people waiting for tellers when I walked by.

  • bhmom

    Homer, it would be a big public service to the Heights if you would find out any info you can about Garden Place plans and publish something here in the blog.

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    MARATHON. I am running the marathon on Sunday, and am not expecting to be able to get to Whitehall via Subway to catch the Ferry as planned.

    Is anyone else running, and interested in meeting up to use a car service? Perhaps take it to Whitehall if the Staten Island Ferry is running by then, or, alternatively, take a car right to Staten Island?

    If so, maybe blog admin can help us exchange contact info.

  • Homer Fink

    @bhmom – reached out, waiting. if anyone knows post here!

  • GHB

    Considering what many of our fellow New Yorkers are going through right now, I feel extremely fortunate today!

  • DrewB

    I agree with that 100% GHB. Though I feel like I’m in a weird limbo. Life for me is pretty much as normal, except non of my clients can work, so I don’t really have much to do.

  • GHB

    Walked to my midtown office, very quiet today, but a first step to normalcy…

  • AmyinBH

    Trader Joe’s is only open until 2pm today. They were low on certain types of bread, but the rest of the store appeared well stocked. The line an hour ago was short.

    Did anyone try to get a cab into Manhattan this morning? Was there a long wait?

  • DrewB

    Key food on montague was open this morning. There shelves are incredibly bare,but them seem to be doing some restocking.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Grateful that the biggest thing for me to worry about today is Halloween!

    I expect garden place and other homes to be handing out candy much like normal. But perhaps a little less overrun than most years, which actually will be pleasant.

  • maria

    @natasha and Shannon The Halloween Parade in Cobble Hill will be going on today.

    Feeling very fortunate today! Hope all my neighbors are well…

  • maestro

    A brief word about the BHeights smelling like dog poop. The female gingko tree (of which there are plenty in this neighborhood) exudes an aroma that mimics canine excrement exactly. That is why the hood smells to way it does. Why this choice was made originally, I cannot fathom.

  • val

    Re: Garden Place, I can only speak for our building. We are definitely ON for Halloween.

  • maria

    Its actually the Ginko seed that stinks when it drops to ground and is crushed. I don’t think it smells of dog poo. It smells of vomit. The worst area is on Hicks between Montague and Pierrepont. We affectionately call it Vomit Berry Alley.

    I have seen with mine own eyes the Heights dog poo culprit. He is a little old man with a dog of indeterminate breed. Both are fat and squat. The man just lets the dog poo anywhere. He looks kinda mean and quite odd. I didn’t want to tangle with him. But he’s the man you are looking for.

    GInko seeds where brought to the city by city planners that travelled around the world for great ideas. When they saw the majestic Ginkos in China they thought they would be a great source of beauty and shade. Unfortunately they did not do their research. The giant trees they saw were 100’s of years old. It takes a very long time for a ginko tree to be large enough to give shade. So 10-15 years pass and the Ginko tree is still small and weirdly shaped with branches spreading hither and thither like a Martha Graham dance or bad haiku come to life. As for the stink berry part… Well, I don’t know how they missed that.

  • David

    What time do things usually get started on Garden Place?

  • maestro

    Thanks Maria. You are indeed correct about the ginkgo seeds, and thank you for all of that interesting info. Found an amusing article from June 2008 in The New Yorker, if anyone is interested.

  • bhmom

    Thanks for trying to check on Garden Place, Homer. @David, usually pretty early like 5 or 5:30 for the littlest ones but not sure if much is happening tonight.

  • princess

    Montague street buildings are up and running tonight! :)

  • pssnyc

    I had an important doctor’s appointment today – a week after surgery – and, out of necessity, had to take a car service to West 34th St in Manhattan. Called the Promenade Car Service, which I normally use, and got into the City for $34. Coming back was a different matter. When I was ready to come back home, Promenade told me it would take 2 or 3 hours to pick me up. Cobble Hill was well over an hour, a couple other car services’ phone lines were busy non-stop, so I ended up calling Heights Car Service. I was told they could pick me up in about 20 minutes for $60! I said wow and he (the dispatcher – who is a prick) retorted, “We aren’t a yellow cab you know. Usually we are much less, but you know, today…” (Yeah, I know today – it’s called price gauging – not said out loud, of course). He was about to hang up on me, but, I said I would pay it, as I was on crutches and needed to get home. And, also, on the way up I saw lots of people trying to flag down far too few cabs. Many years ago, I used to use the Heights Car Service, but, today was reminded why I gave them up, oh, so long ago.
    I will now vent to the Better Business Bureau. Gaugers are really hateful people.

  • el

    Curious to know anyone’s experiences getting into Manhattan today – I heard there’s going to be shuttle buses from Jay St to Midtown, but unsure if that or trying to take a car would be more of a disaster. The pictures I’ve seen of the bridge have made me pretty pessimistic, but I’m aiming to get to Times Square by 7:30am – early enough to beat the worst of the traffic?

  • chuckles

    any update on the garden Pl trick or treating. dumbo is a mess and my child would love to collect some candy in his costume. thank in advance for bringing some fun for our kids.

  • pssnyc

    Meant gouging, of course. Gouging, even by car services, is illegal and should be reported to the attorney general’s office which I plan to do.

  • Eric

    Wow! We made it to 17 posts before dog poop came up today!

  • L

    To el:

    I made it to my office in midtown without too much trouble. I walked over the Manhattan Bridge and got the M15 bus at East Broadway and Allen Street. The bus was crowded, but running. It runs up First Avenue, all the way to Harlem. The M103 runs up Third Avenue, and you can get it at Park Row, if you walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.