Limited Bus Service Restored In Brooklyn

MTA has restored bus service on the B1, B3, B8, B15, B35, B41, B44, B46, and B61. If you’re heading into Manhattan, be prepared to walk across the bridge, where you can try to pick up the M2, M5, M8, M11, M14, M15+SBS, M34, M34A, M22, M57, M60, M86, M96, and M101. A status report on restoration of subway service is expected at noon today.

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  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Anyone know if there is any kind of bus service from here to Manhattan?

  • X

    NOt from BH to manhattan. I walked across the brooklyn bridge and took the bus uptown, after a looooong wait.
    Bus fare is suspended today

  • youralemon

    thanks x. i was wondering the same thing.

  • Bette

    Anyone know how I can get from Brooklyn Heights to Grand Central Station? If I walk over the Bridge, what bus would I take. thank you!