Wednesday Garbage Collection Scheduled For Later Today

BHA Executive Director Judy Stanton provides a Wednesday update regarding garbage collection:

“The Bk2 garage foreman is telling me that they are (currently) collecting Tuesday neighborhoods (Boerum Hill, Ft. Greene) and will have garbage trucks out in the Heights picking up our Wednesday trash. There are also trucks collecting tree debris in the Heights. 311 is citywide, so I am listening to the garage. I think we will have pick-ups.”

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  • lori

    THEY PICKED UP REGULAR TRASH FROM COLUMBIA HTS AT MIDNIGHT / Not sure what to do about the recycles. The problem we have been having is the conflicting information we receive. There will be collection – no, there won’t be collection – oh yes there will be collection – only regular, no recycles. Oh wait, another change…

  • David on Middagh

    Regular trash from Middagh St. has just been collected. Looks like the street will leave the recycling out just in case.