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L.A. To Get A Taste Of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Grimaldi’s, New York’s legendary coal-fired pizza joint in DUMBO under the Brooklyn Bridge, is heading to Los Angeles as part of an ambitious plan to import six locations to the metropolis. Grimaldi’s was founded by former Patsy’s chef-owner and Lombardi’s descendant Frank Grimaldi, who sold the business in 1998. A 280-seat location of the restaurant […]

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Karl Visits Julianna’s

When I lived across the great water, on that island to our west, there were pizza places called Ray’s, Original Ray’s, Real Ray’s, Honest-to-God Ray’s, etc. Here in Brooklyn Patsy Grimaldi had Patsy’s, then Grimaldi’s, and now Julianna’s, named for Patsy’s mom. Julianna’s occupies the former Grimaldi’s space on Old Fulton Street in the Fulton Ferry Historic District and a new Grimaldi’s (Patsy sold the name) is at the corner of Front and Old Fulton streets, that once was a bank, then an upscale restaurant, then a Latin themed night club. Mr, J. was at Julianna’s with his cam, saw Patsy and his wife, and got video of them teaching some tourists how to eat pizza the Brooklyn way.

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Grimaldi’s in the Hunt for CBS-FM’s Best Pizza in NY

WCBS-FM personality “Brooklyn’s Own” Joe Causi is looking for New York’s best pizzeria to celebrate National Pizza Month. Brooklyn Heights’ Grimaldi’s (or Fulton Ferry Landing Historic District’s or DUMBO’s depending on your spin) is in the running. You can vote for your favorite abeetz at the CBS-FM website. The winning pizza parlor will get a […]

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Mr. J. Celebrates the (Slightly) Early Arrival of Spring

Spring doesn’t officially arrive for (as of the time of this posting) 48 hours and 40 minutes, but today had a lot of us fooled. Our man with cam took advantage of the balmy weather to play the flaneur and give us a visual as well as aural narrative of this balmy day in Brooklyn […]

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Tourist Ponders: Is Grimaldi’s Better than Sbarro?

Tourist/You Tube user chhuniewrites from Modesto, California checked out Grimaldi’s in Fulton Ferry to find out if their pizza pie was better than megachain Sbarro. See his verdict after the jump.

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The Mystery of Grimaldi’s Financial Woes

DumboNYC ponders  Grimaldi’s finances after yesterday’s Wall Street Journal story that tourist magnet/pizza place has been served eviction papers reportedly due to being $44,000 in back rent.  Not only that, but they owe the state $12,500 in back taxes. DumboNYC: With the consistent lines and the recent $2 surcharge for the privilege of picking up […]

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Karl’s Holiday Weekend Wrap-Up

Mr. J. finds some historical scenes to contrast with present-day realities, notes what’s new and what’s about to be, and finishes with a last look (it goes away after today, so brave the heat if you yearn to play) at folks playing the piano at Pier 1.

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First Lady Graces Grimaldi’s

Today, First Lady Michelle Obama dined at Grimaldi’s, on Old Fulton Street. Eater NY: Today, the first lady has made her choice in the crowded field of New York Pizza. Just an hour ago, Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn was surrounded by security as Mrs. Obama dineed [sic] inside. Sorry Di Fara, Motorino, Lombardi’s—maybe next time. Update: […]

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Grimaldi’s FiDi Plans Not Looking So Good

EV Grieve reports that Fulton Street based pizza legend Grimaldi’s plans to expand its empire to the Financial District appears to be going south.  A notice posted by the landlord at 135 John Street claims the eatery owes them $62,767.91 in back rent and late fees.

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Mamma Mia! Ignazio’s opens next week

When Ignazio’s pizzeria opens next week beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, many Brooklynites envision some sort of smackdown with its neighbor, the legendary Grimaldi’s, which is right around the corner. But Ignazio’s owner, Louis Termini, won’t have any of it. “I’m not a rival — I’m a friendly neighbor,” Termini said, smiling through his thick, long […]

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