Grimaldi’s FiDi Plans Not Looking So Good

EV Grieve reports that Fulton Street based pizza legend Grimaldi’s plans to expand its empire to the Financial District appears to be going south.  A notice posted by the landlord at 135 John Street claims the eatery owes them $62,767.91 in back rent and late fees.

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  • my2cents

    If you want to see how lame Grimaldis is when taken out of its context on Fulton, try going to the other one out in Queens (Near Bayside). It is in a strip mall next to a Starbucks. I have been there twice and although the pizza was very good, it is basically just another pizza joint when you take it out of context. They should just stick to the original location.

  • AEB

    Were getting into Grimaldi’s not such a ridiculous trial–who wants to wait ON LINE for pizza?–one might be more kindly disposed to it, and to its pizza, which is, in any case, wildly over-rated.

    As it is, except for the young and/or touristy, it’s a drag–and, essentially, famous for being famous.

  • Height Bee

    Agree with both. Who WAITS for pizza. Keep serving the bus crowd. I’ll go down the street. Just as good.

  • BklynJace

    Who goes into Grimaldi’s? It’s cramped, hurried and charmless. Call ahead, pick up your pie and eat it down at Fulton Ferry Landing. (In warmer months, of course.) Love the pizza, just not the restaurant — and never the line.

  • Height Bee

    They went to the pick-up or eat in – same line approach some time ago. No thanks.

  • Sticky

    You can call ahead and walk right in… You have been able to since I was younger when they were called Patsy’s.

    Anyway, I have been to the Grimaldi’s in Texas. Beautiful restaurant on a slow street. Too few patrons, but the pizza was close to the same. Eerily close. Sonn after I have heard that the people I wetn with have since been back and it is picking up.

  • nabeguy

    The line in Brooklyn is so long, you might as well be eating at the one in Texas!

  • Landon

    You can call ahead and pick up, but on a busy Friday/Saturday they might not pick up the phone.

  • BH-Guy

    Even if there were no line at Grimaldi’s I would never go. Foscati is hands down the best pizza in the nabe.