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Photo: Martha Foley

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  • Banet

    There are a few small gyms in the neighborhood – one on Atlantic by Hicks and one on Clinton, just off Court (downstairs, where the shoe repair place used to be).

    Has anyone tried them? I’m in need of a regular workout routine with a twice a week trainer who’s going to hold me accountable. I’ve tried Equinox several times in the past and it just doesn’t… stick.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Barry’s Bootcamp is opening at 200 Montague soon. They put up their signage in the window a week or 2 ago

  • Andrew Porter

    Can’t remember if I already posted this. It’s an aerial photo of downtown Brooklyn in the early 1950s:

  • Banet

    I saw that. I don’t think Barry’s or the nearby Orange Theory are for me. I’m in lousy shape and have little endurance and am middle-aged. I need more hand holding. :-)

  • Effective Presenter

    No decent gym, no decent pool.

    Brooklyn Heights needs a state of the art aquatic center a 50 meter pool open at 530am like Asphalt Green near Gracie Mansion.

    With ALL the development in downtown Brooklyn in the past 30 years, Brooklyn Bridge Park, etc and still NO aquatic center.


  • RickP

    thanks for all the photos!

  • Arch Stanton

    Be the one who gets it done!

  • Susan O’Doherty

    Not exactly in the Heights, but I go to LifeTime in DUMBO. The clientele is diverse as far as fitness goes, some gym rats and others working to get into basic shape, and the trainers and teachers work well with everyone.

  • Andrew Porter

    There were plans to create a new swimming pool here; the BHB had the details, over 4 years ago!

  • Banet

    I suspect the BQE brouhaha has killed that plan.

  • Dan Coe

    Agree! Easier said than done but perhaps I’d be willing to partner (if others are interested too of course).

  • Barbara Moskowitz

    Once again, the elevators for the R train have been pushed back another month. How many months has this been now? Is there any local org. that can make the MTA move on this?

  • Mike Suko

    I love the Montague St. photo that graces this week’s column, but the talk of the line yesterday was that L’APPARTEMENT 4F is moving from their “we’ll be serving dinner” concept to something more unsettling:

    They will be repurposing the store into a conventional restaurant and turning to Doordash to deliver “ready-for-your-toaster-oven” croissants to those whose start-of-day WILL BE made quite a bit less pleasant by that change.

    It sounds like a “done deal” at this point, but maybe, if they hear from enough people that this is a *terrible idea*, they will step back from the cliff’s edge!

  • Arch Stanton

    Just heard from a reliable source, the Trump organization is buying the Bossert Hotel and renaming it the Trump MAGA Brooklyn!
    More info here:

  • Gautier Coiffard

    Indeed – we are also switching to Pillsbury pre-made croissant dough to save on cost. 🫠

  • Take Our Sidewalks Back

    Cross posting in case my comment was missed. Am I along here? Or do others feel the same?

  • Banet

    I have to say, despite my kids pranking me all day, you got me with this one.

  • FatFreddy’sCatheter

    Pitch-perfect, Mike Suko! You had me, too.

  • Andrew Porter

    Post I made about this there:

    I was looking at this a few weeks ago and noting that they never applied for permits from Landmarks—perhaps because they’d know this was illegal. I commented on this to a person passing by, who told me she was on the BHA board, and would be taking it up with them.

    Just phoned this in to 3-1-1.

  • FatFreddy’sCatheter

    That article can’t be right. The MAGA line of hotels has/will have extra parking (with spaces sized for ginormous pick-up trucks), and is not designed for town centers. The Bossert will surely belong to the “Trump As F*ck” line? Which goes by TAF in all public signage (gold & gaudy, if commendably succinct). The asterisk is omitted in the expansion that appears in the legal documents, which causes odd problems now and then, depending on the jurisdiction.

  • Arch Stanton

    Are you saying the fictitious article on my made-up website is wrong?

  • Take Our Sidewalks Back

    Landmarks aside (which is also a big deal), it’s just a real hazard with how close they are to the streetlight. Have you tried navigating the corner when two strollers are coming in from opposite directions, let alone the elderly

  • LP

    Sorry for the late reply, but Form Fitness on Remsen and Court has great trainers and a very welcoming space.