Brooklyn Heights Christmas Tree Arrives; Must Overcome Obstacles

Last year there was no Brooklyn Heights Christmas Tree; a sidewalk shed covered the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade, where the tree always stands. This year, there is a tree. Because of COVID-19 there will be no traditional tree lighting ceremony, but the lights will go on this Saturday, December 12 and remain through Sunday, January 3.

This morning, the tree arrived. The truck carrying it was set to drive onto the Montague Street entrance, but found its way blocked by two substantial barriers that had been put in place to deter any drivers from entering the Promenade and terrorizing pedestrians, as happened last Wednesday. The truck backed up, then went across Pierrepont Place and parked in front of the playground. After a few minutes and some conferences among workers, the truck backed up to Montague and positioned itself so the crane faced the barriers. The crane operator then skillfully used the grappling arm (see photo) to pick up the barriers and place them aside. This allowed the truck to head into the Montague entrance and deliver the tree to its proper spot.

The barriers were not put back in place, but we’re told there are now “decorative” barriers further down the Montague entrance that will prevent any vehicle from reaching the Promenade.

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  • Andrew Porter

    I noticed barriers—large boulders, impossible to drive over or around—at the Promenade entrances at Orange, Pineapple, and Clark, and presumably the other entrances, a few days ago.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    The tradition of the Brooklyn Christmas Tree lighting at Borough Hall going back many years: