Alleged teen muggers caught

This just in from the Courier: cops have arrested the three teens they suspect are responsible for the spate of muggings in the neighborhood in the last few months, as we’ve been reporting.

A source at the 84th Precinct said detectives “think they’re going to close a few cases on it,” but that any additional information about the suspects can’t be released because they are under 18 years old. “No mugshots — they’re all underage,” the cop said. “I think that’s out of the question. Because they’re young, [detectives] don’t want to give out any information.”

Per the Courier:

The teenage terrors responsible for a wave of neighborhood muggings have been apprehended, cops from the 84th Precinct said this week.

The underage thugs — two 13−year−olds and a 15−year−old — were apprehended on Saturday night after they were caught surrounding their sixth victim on Livingston Street near Court Street.

Officials said that an 18−year−old was walking along the street just after 7 p.m. when the three suspects surrounded and began threatening him.

Seconds later, members of the 84th Precinct’s anti−crime team swarmed the trio and took them into custody before any property was taken.

Captain Mark DiPaolo said that much like the thieves had trailed their prey, cops had already targeted the three troublemakers before they jumped their unsuspecting victim.

“Our plainclothes officers were patrolling the area when they observed the three teens,” DiPaolo said. “We were watching their actions and when they were about to do the robbery we swooped in.”

DiPaolo said that the teens, who did not live in Brooklyn Heights or the 84th Precinct, were arrested for attempted robbery.

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  • Jazz

    Gee do they live somewhere that rhymes with “marragut” ?

  • Curmudgeon

    Or do they go to the Court Street Cinema?

  • In the Heights

    Kudos to the cops for catching them. Way to go!

  • nabeguy

    Actually Jazz, Farragut Housing is within the 84th Precinct. Regardless, they were caught, which is the good news. Let’s just be glad that, as kids, they were dumb enough to keep returning to the same well. Unfortunately, as kids, they’ll probably do a year or two in juvi, and come out worse (and smarter) than when they went in.

  • No2Walentas2Trees

    It’s about time

  • my2cents

    what will they charge them with? Being about to rob someone?
    In any case, glad they caught them, but i shudder to think of how little their being arrested will probably do to prevent them from just getting back out and committing more crime.

  • jiker

    nothing is going to happen to them because they are all underage.

  • Reality

    And when the muggings continue your tiny brains may come to realize that the lazy cops decided to pin ALL of the crimes on a couple of kids who they scared into making false confessions/statements. Cops are notoriously lazy and are always happy to “solve” a crime wave so they can go back to the “real” work of shaking down dope dealers for protection money. If it means throwing poor kids in jail for multiple crimes they didn’t commit, so what?. I mean, dey wuz colored, an’ anyways we come from Howard Beach, right? The problem is Howard Beach is most of white Amerikkka. Separate & unequal.

  • AEB

    Reality, you reveal the very mentality you accuse others of.

  • Ethan

    $20 bucks says Reality has a trust fund.

  • Bart

    I agree with Reality, these unfortunate kids are victims of lazy cops.

    I’m sure the kids who are really committing these robberies are members of the Packer Collegiate Chess Team.

  • Willie

    Reality is a moron. The other cases won’t go anywhere unless they are identified in line-ups.

    And no statements would be taken from the 13 year olds unless their parernts were present.

    Depending on how far along the robbery was- i.e.- ” if a kid said ” run your shine”, or “give it up, or I have a gun,” Attempt Robbery 2, a D felony, could be charged; if they had a knife, Att Rob 1, a “C” felony. If anyone was injured or if any of the kids had a gun on any of the previous robberies and there was a positive ID, the 15 year old would face the possibility of being prosecuted as an adult.

    However, Jiker is probably right- the 13 y.o.s won’t do any time; maybe the 15 year old, if any of the crimes are eligbile, will do a little time.

    And what good exactly would incarceration serve these kids? Sure, the victims have certyainly been impacted , possibly severely traumatized, and that of course should not be minimized, but what have you got when the kids get out of the institution? Hopefully there will be some help offered these kids before they wind up leading a life of crime, in and out of jail the next 35 years, and committing crimes while out.

  • hickster

    Reality is right. Come on, they are 13-15 years old. They were were just asking this guy and the five before him to play. But because all the blimey racists refused to play with them, they had no choice but to borrow their wallets, ipods and other stuff so the can keep themselves entertained. I guess no one informed them that they can sell candy on the subway to stay out of trouble.

    These are the same kids who are daily persecuted by evil cops as they conduct bible study on the project rooftops (or pastoral picnic grounds as dubbed by an NYT article).

    Revisionist history is fun cause reality in all forms, truly does bite