Update: Robberies in Brooklyn Heights

More details have come to light about the recent attacks on in the middle of the afternoon in the neighborhood. In this week’s crime files, police released information about two other incidents, and cops are still investigating whether the three crimes are related.

On Feb. 28, a group of perps approached a 12-year-old boy as he was walking along Court Street and asked if he was alone and then, when he said yes, the perp asked him to hand over his money. The victim handed over $10 and ran away, but told cops he was late to a church function and didn’t call the cops right away. The victim, who is white, said the perp was in a group of five black teenagers, but he didn’t get a good look at them otherwise. The incident happened between State Street and Atlantic Avenue, around 3 pm.

The other incident happened on March 6 at the northeast corner of Remsen and Clinton streets, cops said. The 13-year-old victim, who is white, told cops he was walking home from his synagogue around 5 pm when six black teens approached him. One perp told the boy he’d beat him up if he didn’t hand over his wallet, so the victim complied and the group ran away.

Captain DiPaolo at the 84th Precinct asks that anyone with any information please call the precinct at 718-875-6850.

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  • who?

    Why does the race of the victim matter? Was this a bias crime?

  • The Where

    it might have been so don’t rush to judgement

  • F

    I usually see a group of teenagers late at night at the park on atlantic & columbia pl. They do seem out out of place for BK Heights. Just saying.

  • who?

    @The Where: if it’s a bias crime or a suspected bias crime, then by all means it should be reported. Otherwise, by and large, the race and specific age of the victim is unimportant. The races and ages of the criminals are important as they assist in identification.

  • ahem

    I see these types of incidents in the blotter all the time. The age of the victim is important, as it often seems to be middle-school/high-school age kids being victimized by other kids of a similar or slightly older age. Something I’d certainly want to know was happening if I had kids. And, let’s not be stupid here, it’s not black kids being mugged by gangs of white kids (or even black kids being mugged by other black kids). There’s a pretty clear pattern here.

  • kel

    as the mom of a middle schooler, I believe it is totally appropriate and very important to divulge the victim’s age as well as the perp’s description and any “pattern” that may be forming. We all must look out for eachother’s children- I find this pattern very distubing.

  • Bart

    I agree with Kel, the reason why physical descriptions are important is because it is more information. These are serious crimes and I think we can handle knowing the physical descriptions of the perps.