“Orange Blob” and “Cuddle Butt” Get Their “Happily Ever After” Ending

A New Home for The Chas

A New Home for "The Chas"

Last week we told you about a desperate search to find homes for two Brooklyn Heights cats–pets of Ernie Salvi, the longtime caretaker at a Heights church who’s recently retired and fallen seriously ill. Ernie’s about to move into an assisted living facility and was trying to find loving homes for his furkids, Orange-cha and Gray-cha, or as the folks at the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition described them to us, an “Orange Blob” and a “Cuddle Butt.”

Dorothy Sherman wrote today to tell us–that with time running out–a home has been found for “The Chas,” who will be taken in at the Love and Hope Sanctuary in Franklin, New York. “Thank you so much for helping long-time Brooklyn Heights resident, Ernie Salvi, to find a loving home for The Big Orange Blob and his sidekick Cuddle Butt,” Sherman told us.

Just like Salvi’s new home, the Sanctuary cares for kitties with special needs (The Chas are both FIV positive) and a virtual tour of the facility reveals a kittie wonderland with indoor and outdoor space and plenty of things to climb on and claw at.  If you’d like to help care for animals like The Chas, you can make an online donation here


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  • AEB

    As a cat fancier, stories like this make me…purr.

  • Cathy Browne

    Thank you for this wonderful article, as well as the original. Having visited the sancturay, I can attest to its wonderfulness, and all who care for the animals there. BTW, BBAWC has found homes for healthy, friendly cats from Love and Hope, including the beautiful grey on Love and Hope’s home page (LILITH, now Riley, lives happily in a loving home on Long Island with dogs and other cats to play with in addition to her wonderful humans)

  • robert russell

    I’m re-sending because I think I deleted the origianl


    I lived in Brooklyn Heights in the 70s and had a friend named Ernie Salvi. At that time my name was Bob (as opposed to Robert) Thomas. Ernie used to work on Wall Street and told me he was adopted. I’ve searched on-line for “Ernie Salvi” for several years but never found a match that quite fit. Now I believe I have. If this is the Ernie Salvi I’m looking for he’ll remember me: I’m African American and wear an eye patch because of an accident I had as a teenager. Ernie will remember that I also worked on Wall Street and at one point contracted hepatitis and was hospitalized. He will also remember that I loved ancient Egyptian art and that, while in the hospital, he bought me many books on that subject. H also had a good friend called “Mr. Sparks” if my memory serves me.
    I am now 60 years old. When I knew Ernie I was about twenty-two .He was 4-5 years my senior. If this is my Ernie Salvi, please let him see this message .

    Robert (Bob Thomas) Russsell

  • robert russell

    By the way I live in live in New Mexico since 1987

    Robert Russell