North Heights Food Scene Heats Up

As the newfangled and resized New York Observer is saying kaddish for Montague Street nightlife, Mrs. Fink and I were first hand witnesses to what could be the nascent stages of a booming food scene in the North Heights last night.

On a cold and snowy night, JtH was hopping with activity into the "wee hours" (that means after 10pm on Hicks Street). In what could be compared to seeing Bourdain, Battali and Flay hanging out back in the 90s at Babbo, Bolo or Les Halles, BHB noticed Henry's End executive chef Mark Lahm hobnobbing with the ponytailed culinary bard of Jack the Horse Tavern, Tim Oltmans, last night. Could we have been present at the birth of the NoHe* food scene? 

As for dinner, Mrs. Fink and I enjoyed splitting the pizza special (grilled zucchini, ricotta, prosciutto, arugula with a sprinking of gran padina), hanger steak and mac and cheese. Cocktails for the evening were the tequila based El Diablo and the gin based Behind the Knees, both expertly made by Damon, King of All North Heights bartenders. It's undeniable, JtH gets better every time we visit.

Next, we'll take Qfwfq to Henry's End for a nice Steak Diane. Maybe we'll see the mysterious Food Maestro "partners" enjoying the crab cakes with a nice bottle of 2004 Obsidian Ridge. Or perhaps Daniela from Le Petit Marche will be there tucking into a Chocolate Confusion for dessert. You never know… only in NoHe….only in NoHe.


*Fink thought up NoHe, so when the MSM inevitably steal that nom de nabe, please credit accordingly.

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  • jen

    i love JTH. that being said, honestly, what are our options? we’re a long way from smith st. henry’s end can be delicious but the menu needs updating. Let’s hope you’re right though! Someday the Thai place on Henry will be rented… cross our collective fingers.

  • Homer Fink

    Well if someone wants to front Qfwfq and I with our doggie/bocce bar in the now trendy NoHe district, we’re all ears!

  • twofones

    NoHe? I’d think I prefer NoHi…

  • Homer Fink

    Like Grape NeHi?

  • frawwg

    Funny, I thought this area was BroHeiNoCla.

  • Claude Scales

    How about PiOrCraMiHeHi (for Pineapple, Orange, Cranberry, Middagh, Henry and Hicks)?

  • Cranky

    La Petite March is really good. Been there a few times.

  • Homer Fink

    anon 2pm, you’re clearly not “getting it”

  • Claude Scales

    An off-topic observation about posting styles:

    People who use normal capitalization are, on the whole, stodgy (like the Heights, according to the Observer) and reliable.

    people who use all lower case are usually well worth knowing.


  • Qfwfq

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • Donking Gonats

    from a long time reader…first time writer…..
    First there was the ‘Thrilla in Manila’…then came the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and now…”The Fights in the Heights”
    I love it!!!

  • Homer Fink

    OK… I’m locking this one.