Your UPDATED Weekend Subway Clusterf… er, “Advisory”

Update 11:40am: Well, that'll teach me not to do this until the MTA updates their site sometime in midday Friday. Many of the original listed advisories are now cancelled, and there's a new one for the A

It's all quiet on the Brooklyn front this St. Patrick's Day weekend. For the most part you may get blitzed without worrying if you'll be able to get home. If you are going to big parade, the MTA has a Special Advisory for you. Otherwise:

The 4,5: Manhattan uptown trains skip Fulton Street from 12:01am Sunday to 5am Monday. No transferring to the 2,3, better do it at Borough Hall. CANCELLED! FORGET ABOUT IT

The A: UPDATE: The Manhattan-bound A trains skipping High Street in Brooklyn (as well as Broadway-Nassau in Manhattan) this Sunday! Saturday's fine. Still making local stops between Euclid Avenue in Brooklyn and 168th Street in Manhattan. Downtown A trains also skipping 50th, 23rd, and Spring Streets in Manhattan from 12:01am Sunday to 5am Monday.

The C: Still recovering from sinus surgery. No trains this weekend.

That's it! Stay safe, don't get alcohol poisoning!

Éirinn go Brách

Photo by milkshakepants via Flickr


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  • jen

    I thought I read this morning that the A was not running uptown at High. Can you confirm/deny?