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  • Lord Montague

    The tardy TD Bank clock has been shut off. We did it, BHB!

  • LDS

    Ha! I stopped in 2 weeks ago and remarked on the clock, told them a lot of people depend on it (“they do?”) and the woman said there was a request in for repair. Better late, etc….

  • Cranberry Beret

    Reports of Taperia’s demise seem to have been premature. I saw a few groups of people in there yesterday afternoon having drinks.

  • Cranberry Beret

    In other news – NYPD car booting is in full swing in the neighborhood. I saw the crew on Pierrepont Street yesterday and Clinton Street last week. Each time, boots were on more than 1 car in a row. On both occasions I also saw their trailer that’s hauling off scooters and motorcycles. The city’s website says booting is done for having more than $350 in parking tickets. I suspect the bikes are being taken for other parking violations, though…

  • Brooklynite

    Check the sign. It could be for the Car Share parking program that they just rolled out. They are booting cars in Cobble Hill as well. The cars were parked legally before the signs went up. If your car got booted/ticketed for this reason, you can dispute it.

  • Jack The Horse Tavern

    12 years ago Jack the Horse Tavern opened its doors in beautiful Brooklyn Heights. We are grateful for our neighbors and everyone who have supported us through those years.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Thanks Tim and staff! We love you.

  • Jane Man

    I really wanted to love your restaurant, but I had really bad service there. The waiter was rude when we wanted to order a few appetizers and wine before ordering a main. (“Ordering doesn’t work like that, you have to order all at once”). The 2 of us stuck with 4 appetizers and two glasses of wine. The restaurant was half full and he never checked in again. He also told us to go next door next time when he gave us a check because table service was for people who wanted to eat dinner, (We would have ordered more though if he bothered to let us!). If it was full, I would understand. Makes me upset to this day.

  • Tipsey Russell

    Your restaurant is over priced and uninspired.

  • SBC11201

    When will Macy’s tell us where the 7/4 fireworks will be? They must know, but their website says to check back “later.” Odd, no?

  • Jorale-man

    The best all-around restaurant in the Heights.

  • Rick
  • SBC11201

    Ah! I should have known that TimeOut would have it before…thank you!

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s my photo from that alternate history where Brooklyn Bridge Park never happened:

    Photo copyright © Andrew Porter

  • StudioBrooklyn

    We are grateful to have you! When does the oyster bar open back up?

  • Decade of the Heights

    I had a great time at JTH until William Hurt grabbed my genitals at the bar!!!!

  • Jorale-man

    I’ve been noticing that the renovation of 67 Livingston Street has involved making the west-facing windows a lot smaller, or eliminating them entirely (kind of counter-intuitive?). Here’s the glossy website and video that shows more:

  • DIBS

    I’ve always had great meals there. Your burger and chicken are amonfg the best and I know I can always get a prok chop cokked the way it should be…pink inside!

  • Andrew Porter

    The building is outside the Landmarked district—it was when built, hence the height—and I guess they can do anything they want.

    I wonder at their claim they’re the tallest residential building in BH, though.

  • Andrew Porter

    The Kushner companies sold their small stake in the buildings on Furman/Columbia Heights (and the massive square block development site at 85 Jay Street), so “Panorama” won’t be tainted with guilt-by-association. Read the article in The Real Deal here:

  • francesco

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIM from the SOCIALE family

  • gatornyc

    I really need to JTH more often!!

  • Jorale-man

    It looks about 20 stories to me. The prewar building right next to it is definitely taller, but maybe that doesn’t qualify as BH anymore since it’s on the corner of Court St. The emphasis on the front gate strikes me as a little “gated community” too – not the most welcoming message.

  • Andrew Porter

    I had friends who lived right next door, at 59. When the building went up, they bricked up their living room window. They moved shortly afterwards.

    The building was built as a sliver—remember those?—and when they were outlawed, it was grandfathered in because the foundations were already built.

    After it was finished, the JWs bought it, and it became a JW dorm. Hence the gate.

    The tall building on the corner is part of the Skyscraper Landmarked District.

  • Andrew Porter

    This evening, I noticed a camera mounted on the lightpole at the SE corner of Montague and Montague Terrace, pointed at the entrance to the Promenade. Anyone know when it went up?

  • Sen. Bob Forehead

    I ate there often when I lived in the nabe, every meal was fantastic. Service was spot on during every visit. Also, the drinks were excellent, and the young man tending bar was a true professional, can no longer remember his name. Always found your menu to be creative and inspired. You actually got me to love brussel sprouts because of the marvelous way they were prepared. My Mother thanks you :). The only restaurant that every mattered in the Heights. I think I will have to come back for a visit.

  • Jerry

    I am one of the people that got booted. Another thing to know is that if you do not respond to a boot with two (2) hours then they can tow you and charge you for the boot and the tow (so double). So if you have a job like me and don’t come home until after 6pm, you will most certainly be towed. I should also note that this was not in a No Parking zone or fire hydrant or anything like that – just forgot to move car on an alternate side parking day.

  • Jorale-man

    Spotted on my evening walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park and back:
    – A wild-eyed woman with a blonde wig picking the roses at the entrance to the park.
    – Two gangs of rowdy kids who forced me to walk at the edge of the sidewalk, nearly in the street.
    – A man urinating in some shrubbery across from Adam Yauch Park on State Street.
    – The usual lot of cellphone zombies, a smoker or two, and other antisocial types.
    And summer hasn’t even officially begun yet…

  • MaggieO

    You can be booted without outstanding tickets. It happened to me. They were in the process of writing the parking ticket and booting my car when i arrived 10 minutes late for alternate side. The ticket they were writing inn front of me was all the justification they needed to boot.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Yes I suspected as much. I have seen rows of cars being booted on 3 separate occasions recently, so I didn’t put much stock in the official explanation of “lots of unpaid tickets” found on the city’s website. I actually asked one of the traffic cops, “Are you stepping up enforcement with the boots?” and he refused to answer and said “you’d have to talk to the tow guy.”