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  • Cranberry Beret

    Couple of weeks ago. I believe it’s a pedestrian counter, related to studies for BQE rehab.

  • Andrew Porter

    I haven’t been there this year. They’ve started summer hours for members at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and even though there’s a lot of construction—many areas to be closed off over the next year—it’s still much better, IMHO, than BBP.

    Hey, June 13th is Rose Night at the BBG. They’re at their height of blooming now! My photo below from 2009:

  • Jorale-man

    Nice, that sounds worth a visit. At least there, people probably aren’t going to be picking the roses!

  • Andrew Porter

    No smoking there, and it’s patrolled to prevent dumb behavior. It’s free Friday mornings. Full admission details here:

  • gc

    Can anybody tell me what the racket coming from Pier 2 is?
    It’s been going on all day. Doesn’t look like much of a crowd but the noise is really a pain in the …! Sounds like a DJ or some kind of sports announcer with usual background histrionics.
    BBP has lots of pluses and minuses. This is clearly one of the major minuses.

  • Nomcebo Manzini

    Anybody share my befuddlement that the Cadman Pl. W.-facing space adjacent to TD Bank has been vacant 5-10 years? Any guess as to why? Any thoughts as to what might “thrive” there – and not just be another bank, drug store, urgent care ctr., etc.?

    I note that someone suggests that TD Bank is a good corporate citizen – addressing “their” clock issue. Thank heavens there are few eyesores in our fair nabe, but 100 Clark and the unappealing (as it is) space I mentioned sure would make anybody’s 5 worst.

  • Nomcebo Manzini

    I was there. It was a basketball event/tournament, and they had a VERY amplified “commentary.” I’m with you – I use that pier and am … not in the ethnic majority most of the time there. That plus things like age makes me a little peeved about noise, choice of music, etc. … but I’m with the majority (?) even of Hts people who *get* that public money went to build this … and it’s NOT *just* for B.H. [Not lecturing you – “why can’t we all get along?” will be a tough question until/unless ethnic cleansing gets practiced on a sci-fi type level.]

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I don’t share your revulsion at visible raw commercial space. Compared to fully-occupied spaces further down on Court Street, that block is kept relatively clean, there’s no scaffolding (for now), and it’s fairly quiet. I’ll take a vacant storefront over another realtor, nail salon, mobile phone retailer, urgent care, or sushi place any day!

    For me the eyesores are the unimaginative, cookie-cutter-looking condo high-rises that go up on points east of Clinton. The Instrata on Clinton just north of Remsen comes to mind (with its poorly designed concierge desk—I can’t stop looking at the doorman’s feet and all the clutter around them as I pass by).

  • Nomcebo Manzini

    Well, we’re both very opinionated people, albeit with different priorities. *even I* however, recognize that – arguably – another urgent care center might save a life some day … or at least let you, me or someone else get better sooner. I’m no real estate maven, but I have to think that space that looks like a dumping area is less likely to get inquiries even than one with brown paper shielding it. But I come back to … you’d think that with the Morgan St. building just across the street & WEWork practically “upstairs,” even if TD Bank were fussy and doesn’t need the money, they’d have rented it long ago. I guess I’ll have to wait til Andrew puts up a postcard of how it used to look … or explains what’s up here.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    “we’re both very opinionated people”

    Nailed it! :)

    I do agree that it’s strange the space hasn’t been rented yet. I just don’t mind. It doesn’t look *that* rough inside, and the lack of a draw means less foot traffic on that block, which is fine by me on two counts: as a pedestrian there’s less frustration in navigating my way up Cadman Plaza West, and as a motorist making that right turn from southbound on Cadman onto Montague when I circle around to find parking, waiting for the jaywalkers to finish their transit.