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  • Andrew Porter

    The stores are commercial condos. They walled off the other section to try to sell it to another merchant, but nothing ever came of it. I guess they finally gave up on the failed plan.

  • Andrew Porter

    From the City of London’s official website:

    “Dating from around the 13th century, the early Bar was probably no more than a simple chain across the road, later replaced by a timber gatehouse also including a prison. Badly damaged by the Great Fire of London (1666) a new Temple Bar was built.

    “Reputedly designed by Sir Christopher Wren, the imposing Portland stone arch was completed in 1672. The new design included niches on either flank of the opening on both sides filled with statues of Queen Anne of Denmark and James I on one side and Charles I and II on the other.

    “The Bar has featured in many ceremonies and processions and has many gory tales to tell. A row of iron spikes, used to display the heads of traitors throughout the 18th century, stood on top the main arch.”

    Much more here:

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Jeff, nobody has questioned your nature, beyond your proclivity toward an adversarial tone in your online commentary.

    (In fact, I think I’d like to chat with you in person sometime in order to round out my comprehension of you…perhaps I’ll approach you and introduce myself one of these days.)

    However, people in this place and time WILL question the views you espouse, implicitly or otherwise. If you don’t understand why, I’d be happy to try to explain, but you seem to be in a hurry to get off the subject/out of the limelight.

    I just want to add that in all these years of reading what you write online, the only social hierarchy you seem to be espousing exists along racial lines, which has nothing to do with monarchy as a system of government or social structure. It’s not only irrational, illogical, and counterproductive, it’s also immoral and extremely unscientific. You’re capable of reading any quantity of scholarly articles I could provide about how your concept of race as human value indicator is built upon mythologies and non-facts, but because of confirmation bias you’re likely to come up with ways of dismissing actual data. On a personal note, what I’m interested in is what drives your determinations about the superiority of one made-up classification of people over another. Do you have a clear comprehension of when and why you came to hold these views?

  • Arch Stanton

    No denial…

  • Punkville

    This blog didnt mention the gang of 15 charming little punks that set upon a lone female on State and Henry last week. No news there? Doesnt fit the narrative.

  • ykwhthis

    OF COURSE NOT….you’ll NEVER hear about that kind of incident or, an at all representative coverage of what’s really going on in the world of un or little reported incidents and establishment/PC deliberate lack of coverage. In this central, critical way, gothamist and the gaggle of other yuppie/millianialist blogs are just like or an direct extension of the NY Times decided old set rules for acceptable “journalism”

  • AEB

    And here we are, back where we were when Mr. Smith was banned from the site at least a year ago. He returns–and he is still himself, and we respond correspondingly.

    This is fun for awhile, but rapidly becomes distracting and enervating. There are better–much better–things to do than argue with him, as Pavlovian-tempting as it is. Let us not be provoked–or enforce the original ban.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I noticed that, too.

  • Arch Stanton

    ^^^ Talking to yourself again Jeffery? LOL

  • Andrew Porter

    State and Henry? I was wondering. I could’t identify the location from the video I saw on TV.

    Report on ABC-TV here:

  • Punkville

    Yea. Lets write a feel good story of having our children clean up the mess the homeless bums leave in our parks. Isnt that the job of the govt. How wonderful it is to have a child ask what a used condom or a bag of human poop is doing in the park. No room in the headlines for 15 on 1 violence. Where is the outrage. Lets see if 15 white kids went into a non white neighborhood and sacked a lone female. The :::cking FBI would be there. But not here. Just part of the multicultural nirvana I guess. I hope all the members of the BHA get to experience this one day.

  • Arch Stanton

    Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it wasn’t possible. Clearly the fact that they haven’t opened by now means there are much bigger problems with the competence of owner’s management than just the construction. A more together developer would have easily renovated and opened that place in time.

  • ykwthis….

    Then why is it that state legislatures and regulatory bodies nation wide have agreed to rate payers having the right to opt out of requirements that smart meters be installed. Well, because if they refused and any of the possible health and safety effect actualize the liabilities would be, well, very considerable…

  • ykwthis….

    I wish I and my friends had been there…

  • Reggie

    Put “Joseph Chetrit” in a search engine, read a few articles and then tell me he is incompetent.

  • Andrew Porter

    The answer to the unasked question about what happened to the Cranberry Street Fair—not held this year—was because one of the major people involved died, and another was ill. So it will, hopefully, return next year.

    The question of what happened was uncovered by the Brooklyn Eagle’s Mary Frost, in response to my query.

  • Jorale-man

    Plans for the Pier 2 uplands are published on Curbed (I don’t know if it’s really an “exclusive” as they suggest but interesting nonetheless):

  • Arch Stanton

    Um, since when is financial success an accurate measure of competence. Look at the Whitehouse…

  • Arch Stanton

    LOL, are saying, the state being is on board with an opt-out policy it is scientific evidence of the meters causing health problems, LOL, typical conspiracy idiots “logic”…