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  • ykwthis…

    From a series of sources, it appears that, along with the at times extensive work being done, Con Edison has begun to approach various property owners urging the instillation of enhanced usage monitoring of electric usuage better known as “Smart Meters”

    Smart meters have become the center of often strident controversies in many Western States due to the much increased non ionizing radiation produced by the new units over earlier standard electric meters and the much greater collection of information on the personal habits and behavior of electric customers using the new technology.

    In several mid Western States the controversy has reached the point of high level legal actions and stand-offs in which homeowners have resorted to physical resistance to the instillation of enhanced monitoring systems. Critics have pointed out that knowledge of time and pattern of use reveals such details of personal life such as likely presence, or absence from a premises and the ability to monitor and control the operation of individual appliances. In the area of radiation emissions, environmental activists say that the new meters represent a significant increase in propagation of several types of NR radiations. This has resulted in citizens of these States being offered several legal options including an opportunity to legally decline the installation, commonly known as “opting-out” of the new technology.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Tazza on Clark has opened an arch into the other half of that retail space (formerly one big space, which some years back they walled off). Anyone know the story?

  • Elizabeth

    It’s going to be a wine bar, eventually, I think.

  • CHatter

    One man’s problem, it seems, is another’s opportunity. Could I encourage all the residents of Monroe Place to please sign up, like today, to have ConEd install these (which go outside your homes and emit the same kind and amount of radiation as the mobile phone in your pocket). Without putting too fine a point on it, they will not only simplify your electric billing, but may also exterminate the neo-Nazi living in your midst.

  • DIBS

    Are you worried they will know when you are using your personal stimulation device, to put it in non-offensive language?

  • bpelle

    You could always stop using electricity. Also if someone wanted to verify your absence or presence wouldn’t it just be easier to look in your window or buzz your door to see if you answer?

  • Cranberry Beret

    Interesting. Thanks for info!

  • Arch Stanton

    A search of the web on the subject yields no credible evidence to support your thesis. Only emotional rants from unscientifically minded “Aluminum foil hat crowd”.

  • ykwthis….

    If you actually read what I said, which is very carefully written, I do not say that all newer meters emit the same levels of EM non ionizing radiations. But all the new meters DO emit larger levels than the older units. But let’s say that this is only a meters which can be interrogated from outside a building; as far as privacy and security concerns; no outside unauthorized parties will ever use the personal information for questionable purposes?

    As far as health concerns, do you want one more source of EM rad besides the EM your family is already being exposed to?

    All I am saying is that Con Ed should answer several hard questions before they send this in as a slider with little public notice. As far the disingenuous denials you are about to read, there is a huge body of evidence of smart meters/smart grid emissions levels.

    I suggest all of you look at the following web sites of just how much public uproar the smart meters have caused around the country and the very real basis for the disputes in this important field of liberty and public health: (many articles on Con Ed’s SM plans
    www:// (extensive range website on the subject from Britain)

  • robertnill

    Any updates as to when – or if – the Bossert will open? Just realized its been 5 years (!) since the new owners took over. From what I can tell, work continues, at a very slow pace. I suspect the owners are trying to flip the project – there were some showings a couple of months ago, then nothing.

  • ykwhthis…

    The above list of very credible web sites on smart meters and other wonderful smart grid ideas should show everyone why you dont listen to people who out-of-hand say that “there’s no scientific evidence” or other prattle.

  • Andrew Porter

    My apartment building has had these for several years. No Nazis were involved in the old meter replacements.

  • Andrew Porter

    Elvis, or anyway David on Middagh, has reportedly moved upstate following the woman of his dreams.

    How else to celebrate his move, but to post another Old BH Postcard (yeah, I missed last week: sue me!). Here’s the Temple Bar (why “Temple Bar”? Named for London establishments) and Chamber of Commerce Buildings on Remsen and Court. The CoC Building replaced the short Brooklyn Dime Savings Bank Building in my post two weeks ago.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Love Laner

    So so sad to see Gothamist shut down. I had a bad feeling when Trump supporter John Ricketts bought it back in March, and now here we are…

  • Banet

    Indeed, it seemed like just yesterday I was scoffing at their asserting that they’d be done by October 1 of LAST year and Arch Stanton repeatedly insisted that it was quite possible.

    In fact it was a full 14 months ago. They’ve made progress since then — the basement’s been carpeted!

  • Patrick Henry

    Amazing, first of all, 99% of the news staff, (judging from the reaction to interviews with myself and other patriotic activists) were 99% Hilary voters or “journalists” who root for Antifa.
    The news mix was very millennials oriented. So it did have a narrowcasting feeling at times. I sent several staff members packages of American Free press to give them a better orientation…
    But why cant these great truth seekers simply start their own webcast?

  • ykwthis…

    LATEST EMP NEWS: according to several new sources, Con Ed is going
    to place the first MASS wave of Smart Meters in the East New York area. (great if there aren’t already enough hyper types in ENY already…) There ARE going to be buildings converted in this area in the (very) near future….

    BUT…you DO have the right to “opt-out” of having your meter converted, Con Ed is smugly trying to tack on a $8. a month charge if you don’t take your dose of NIR radiation…something utilities have tried in state after state, causing howls of mass protests in the mid west and west coast.

  • ykwhthis …

    “named for London Establishments*(?!!!) Well, Andy just let the cat out of the bag!!!!! Ma Ha Bone for thread needle street… many of your
    spiritual home.

    I say back to the tally sticks…

  • Jorale-man

    That is the Temple Bar (with the two cupolas), no? The shorter building in the foreground has been replaced (unfortunately, as it looks rather stately).

  • Arch Stanton

    Your links yield no credible evidence to support your thesis. Only emotional rants from unscientifically minded “Aluminum foil hat crowd”.

  • William

    Seriously? You’d prefer our local journalists were pro fascism?! And since about 80% of Brooklyn residents voted for Hillary, you would expect that most journalists from the area also voted for her, so I don’t really see your point. Also, I’d be intrigued to know what are in your “American Free” press packages…

  • Arch Stanton

    Yes he probably would. The person you are responding to goes by several pseudonyms here, mainly “ykwhthis”. Yes he is a neo nazi, white supremacist, troll.

  • Reggie

    I know you claimed not too long ago (maybe under a different screen name) to be a journalist, Jeffrey, so perhaps you actually know the roughly 50 people who made up the news staff and you therefore know how they voted, because who would not want to confide that in you? But how does one root for a movement of autonomous groups with no central organization? Is there licensed team apparel?

  • ykwhthis…

    First of all, this forum is for BH related matters, so this entire matter is off legit topics…but I can only judge from my many contacts over like a two year period with people who represented themselves as reporters and staff members. The reaction I received from my expressing viewpoint even mildly out of the PC environmental clearly established their locus/mindset. I did send a considerable number AFP gift packages. I did at several points question them on the entire subject of the reemergence of the violent radical left a la antifa and there was no great objection to the taking of others right to free speech. I simply saw no discomfort with that. Many simply avoided the question. I did have the consideration and charity to offer them a path out of the life of ignorance and darkness they had fallen into. This I sent a considerable number AFP and other first rate sane oriented publications. Now please, let’s get back to BH related matters.

  • ykwthis..

    I’ll send you a package of AFP issues if you will give me your address. Thought I am not one of the several AFP distributers downtown who’s job it is to do that, but I can send you a good sized package of materials.

  • ykwhthis….

    Mr moderator, again must I suffer these personal attacks here in this august forum? This is hurtful hate speech….

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Jeff: do you deny that you are a white supremacist, white nationalist, or a neonazi? Here’s your opportunity to set the record straight.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Big Benefit this coming Wednesday, Nov.8th 6 – 9:30!

    To support the 2018 Research Grants Program
    of The Chemotherapy Foundation

    Master of Ceremonies Valerie Smaldone

    “Walk on the Wild Side” documentary to be screened

    Martin Short
    Dr. James Holland

  • ykwthis….

    Actually if I have a radical side, it’s in the direction of monarchy. But I certainly feel that society in some ways should be hierarchical. But it is very difficult to have any conversation with a group of individuals where there is little evidence of background or reasonable understanding of comparative social or political systems.

    The question also exists what in heavens name gives any of you the right to question my nature in this way….

    Now PLEASE, let’s stick to BH related issues and topics…