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  • mac

    Curious if anyone attended the hearing last Friday or if any updates.

  • Liz

    Is there anywhere to donate clothes in or near the Heights?

  • gc

    There’s a houseboat docked between Pier 5 and the beach (just north of the marina). Anyone know what’s up with it? I have never seen anyone coming or going from it.

  • MaggieO

    the borough hall green market takes clothing donations on Thursdays and Saturdays

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Salvation Army on Atlantic Avenue (not in the Heights, but a very short drive towards Barlcay Center).

  • Claude Scales

    I”m told it’s going to serve as a clubhouse for the sailing club. More info to come.

  • Claude Scales

    Plymouth Church, Hicks and Orange, also takes clothing donations for their thrift shop .

  • Reggie

    I did not attend but based on the BHA’s comments in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, it doesn’t seem to me like they think that they will prevail.

  • RE Snoop….

    Question, what’s up with the new sign in Key Foods’ window from the landlord of 106 Montague offering a large space for rent. I asked in
    KF and no one said they knew what it’s about. Key Food’s subdividing? Another Tennant entering the space? Perhaps just upstairs..anybody know what’s going on?

  • Claude Scales

    The space in question is the yoga studio above Key Food. Some people who love it are trying to raise money to save it.

  • ykwthis….

    Boy oh boy! This is great…Both public phone clusters on Montague at Henry and at Clinton are now GONE!….well, of course, if anyone needs to call home and if there’s any kind of emergency, people always have their people trackers,…oops!…I meant a cell phone. So why does anyone need a physical line communication device…and the Bloomberg kiosk emergency phones always work perfectly…..

  • Arch Stanton

    Pay phones are obsolete as are your beliefs. Get with the program.

  • AEB

    It’s interesting that reactionary thinking is cross-the-board. It’s as if those who can’t tolerate, say, black equality or assertive women can’t or won’t enter into the modern world in general.

  • ykwhthis…

    Amazing, I observe a perfectly valid point and the immediate response is personal attack. I only said that if you do away with one public safety technology..what replaces it? An equally useful and reliable system(s)? Before you replace a public safety system, don’t we have a say on what is proposed as the substitute. And since you absolute geniuses so accept new technology, how do you feel about…GPS that you can’t shut off or can be turned on without your knowledge or permission, like the mike and camera you’re all right with all that? Gee, the old tech didn’t do that….

  • Arch Stanton

    Agreed, it all relates to an underlying theme of paranoia.
    “Beware of the Boogiemen, they’re out to get you”
    Poor JS, his condition was probably never properly diagnosed or treated.

  • AEB

    I’d say the under under-pinning is authoritarianism, with its need to define oneself against and apart from a “dangerous” other–thus prejudice and scapegoating.

    And let’s not forget the authoritarian need for a rigid, conventional, enforced morality–plus the allegiance to black-and-white-dichotimization: right-wrong, weak-strong, good-bad, etc.

  • ykwhthis…

    First, this bog should be about BH related subjects not personalities. Second,when did either of you become qualified psychoanalysts? Third, I’ll let my orig observations stand if there is an emergency and you don’t have a cell how do you now report an emergency condition? Hint: a considerable kiosks’s 911 buttons are dysfunctional….

  • Banet

    Why not turn to any one of the dozens of passersby who all have cell phones and tell them there’s an emergency? Have them call 911?

  • ykwthis….

    Because I, and many people I have spoken to over years, have had two experiances: First, you’re on a street late at night, you see a break-in in progress, and you have no cell or hand held radio. Or, second you see a crime or you know of a emergency/dangerous condition which is not at that moment
    Fully visible. So now you have to run up to some mindless yuppie and convince him or her ¡+/today call. Sure, try that sometime, then you’ll maybe learn something….

  • StudioBrooklyn

    OK, I’ll bite:

    Yesterday I was walking through Vinegar Hill and a man tried to sell me some electronics out of the back of his car, a classic “white van” scam. I politely declined and as soon as I was around the corner I called the 84th (yes, on my cell phone) and reported what I’d seen. They took the information (I had plate numbers, vehicle make, model, and color, and a basic description of the perp and his suspected activity) and told me that they’d hang on to it but they actually wouldn’t be able to do anything unless they actually observed the crime happening first-hand.

    So in your little anecdote, Jeff, the time difference between calling on the spot with a cell phone and the maximum ten minutes it would take you to walk home to make the call from anywhere in the neighborhood is negligible.

    Now, let’s say your assertions about the nonfunctionality of the 911 boxes is true: why don’t you spend $30 and get a burner phone for emergencies and carry it with you? Are you endangering yourself, or taking yourself out of the pool of citizens who are capable of helping in the event of an emergency, as a matter of principle?

    Also, Jeff: please stop complaining every time you get impatient about nobody responding to your comments. I asked you a bunch of very valid and interesting questions a few weeks ago, and got crickets.

  • Philo Vance II

    First, let’s both concede that everyone doesn’t have a cell phone on them at all times. So? Does that mean that to be able to report a crime, fire or dangerous condition they now HAVE to have a people tracker, oops I mean a cell phone on them or they are all communications disenfranchised? Really that your (and a lot of others) new social/technical construct? Really? Is that reasonable…or sane? Well perhaps in NWO-yuppie think. Pay phones and police/fire call boxes are basic public safety devices.And my basic, original point is that before you year up a service/safety technology you should consider a) what the impact of decommissioning a technology will be b) is reliance on a (supposed) replacement tech is reasonable and safe…and BTW you did the wrong thing in how you called 911/the 84, always ask to speak to a detective on something like that. Also try to get a picture of the peeps, why? First because it may take into a case or still open crime the detective are working on.

  • ykwthis

    And BTW assembled august panel of thinkers, Studio, Archie, AEB et al, How do you all feel about smart meters?….

  • brooklynbull

    Despite deBlasio pronouncements to the contrary, very loud Saturday work on the Cadman Plaza luxury housing has NOT “ceased immediately.” Workers are grinding, drilling and exploding all day today — Saturday 10/28.

    This monster is a done deal, but it would help if he & his crew did not pay lip service to the noise complaints and then not follow through on their promises.

  • Howard Roark II

    You want to do something about it; which the whole group of facilitators in this area (who insured this ultra corrupt deal would go
    through) will hate? Good, I’d invite Bo Dietl and plaster the work area with his literature for starters. Then someone should make a flyer aimed at Monroe place residents showing what this yuppie ugly, out-of-place monstrosity will really do to their living environment. And that’s for starters…The more everyone is educated as to what really went down here and the more very reasonable anger is brought to the surface, the harder it will be for more of these outrages to be built. And you KNOW they want to replicate this “victory” in as many sites in the BH area as possible…….

  • Arch Stanton

    I agree authoritarianism is a major part but still think the root cause is fear/paranoia. The authoritarian persona is his refuge.

  • Arch Stanton

    One does not need “qualifiers” to have a legitimate opinion.

  • Arch Stanton

    LOL, I have lived her for over half a century walked the streets at all hours and never seen a “break-in, in progress”, I’m willing to bet neither have you.

  • Arch Stanton

    “GPS that you can’t shut off” Actually you can shut it off if you want, but why would you? 8 years ago, I was in car accident in Tennessee, I had only a rough idea where I was but when I called 911 the operator was able to pinpoint my location and help arrived in minutes.

  • Arch Stanton

    “Smart meters”as in utility? They save people from the intrusion of having meter readers having to enter their homes. I suppose you think they are spying on you, LOL.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Unless it has a twin vessel docked there, I used to see this boat docked in the Red Hook Basin behind the Mary A Whalen tanker. My understanding is that it was (seasonally?) home to her maintenance crew.