Oral Arguments in Save the View Now’s Suit Against Pierhouse in Brooklyn Heights Friday

Oral arguments in the appeal of the lower court’s dismissal of Save the View Now’s suit to remedy the Pierhouse’s interference with views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the protected view plane from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade will be held this Friday, October 20, at the Appellate Division Courthouse, 45 Monroe Place, corner of Pierrepont. The time of the hearing isn’t known, but Save the View urges supporters to arrive at the courthouse by 10:30 AM but be prepared to wait. Save the View’s Steven Guterman says it’s important for the judges to know that there’s community support for their effort.

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  • B.

    Too bad, but it’s pretty much over. Look at the tall monstrosity rising behind the bridge, getting between the bridge and the sky and sucking the life out of the bridge’s silhouette. The blue roof of the basketball courts is sheer nonsense, blocking out the river no matter where you’re standing. The Pierhouse is more of the same. The Promenade will never have the views it used to have.

    In the evening, you have to make an effort to turn your back on the ugly architecture rising all around and to focus on the ferries, the Statue of Liberty, and the sunset. It can be done, but at least for me, it’s less thrilling to stand on the Promenade to watch dusk fall over the city. It could be that those living on Columbia Heights, who lost their long staircases to the river, and their private piers and river access, felt the same way about the Promenade itself.

  • Reggie

    Isn’t the blue roof of the recreation pier the same roof as the pier shed, one of what was once several? Was it sheer nonsense then too, or only as adaptively repurposed to provide people with some protection from the sun? Would a different roof be less nonsensical?

  • Banet


  • Jeffrey Smith

    First, should be a lesson in three things: first, this is what happens when you have something of great value and you do not safeguard it.

    You will be dispossessed of it by one or more of the less scrupulous among us.

    Second, this is what happens when you place your trust in incompetents or the outright dishonest to represent you. The idea that the group of political figures and “neighborhood associations” around are going to somehow be effective in safeguarding your interests is insane.

    Third, this is a lesson in what happens when you try to use aspirin on a cancer. If anyone thinks that you’re going to stop or even slow the RE tulip craze now underway with anything less than sending people to prison, you’re divorced from any observable reality. The idea of these people being stopped by a civil action is in any again, observable universe, well at best it’s laughable.

  • gatornyc

    Exactly Reggie. But why let facts get in the way.

  • precious darlings

    Speaking of being divorced from observable reality…. I thought this Nazi had been banned from this site already.

  • B.

    Since the entity that has created the park could have chosen to create something beautiful and versatile and instead has chosen to build an over-large basketball facility that can be used for nothing else, yes, it’s an eyesore.