Court Dismisses Save The View Now’s Suit; Appeal May Follow

The Eagle reports that New York Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Knipel has, as he did before, dismissed the suit brought by Save the View Now. Following the earlier decision, STVN filed a new action, claiming newly discovered evidence concerning plans for structures other than “mechanicals” on the Pierhouse roof, and that property leases between the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation and the developers of Pierhouse clearly set forth height limits on the Pierhouse structures. Despite this, in a short opinion, Justice Knipel again said STVN had failed to exercise “due diligence”–this despite STVN’s having noted that they received the Pierhouse roof plans only “after lengthy delays caused by city agencies.”

According to the Eagle story, STVN is consulting with counsel; its next move “will likely include an appeal.”

Photo for BHB by Carrie Hamilton.

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  • Jorale-man

    Interesting how much public interest in this story has wained. These threads used to generate dozens of angry and despondent comments. I’m guessing much of the silence here is out of resignation to our fate with these awful buildings.

  • Andrew Porter

    I now avoid walking on the north end of the Promenade.