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  • david c

    Brooklyn Heiights = Hollywood Heights!!! There must be 10 blocks hijacked for shooting today. Is there anything that can be done to reduce this onslaught. I’ve lived on Clark for 8 years and its just getting worse.

  • AEB

    Report on three-dollar choc-chip brownie bought at Joe Coffee recently: cakey, carob flavor, chips–all six of them–blah-artificial tasting.

    Hope the coffee is good. I don’t drink the stuff.

    PS, for really good, fudgy brownies, go to Pain Quotidien on Montague.

  • Junior Thompson II

    There’s a LOT you can do about it!

    While a gaggle of local chamber of commerce/NYC bureaucracy/pro film industry press and ‘artists have unlimited rights to pursue their art’ types, will tell you you have to sit still for ANYTHING, communities Nationwide have successfully placed very effective limits on how much disruption film crews can inflict on a town or neighborhoods. But this includes mounting legal objections aimed at local, always connected to c of c’s governments as to what they permit. Without the realistic prospect of being dragged in to court they can run as wild as they want…also you have to call on the carpet local roll-over associations who maintain they can’t do anything. Often it comes down to neighborhood people just refusing to be shooed away like children for a clear shot or placing signs in Windows or refusing to halt thief daily routines to exactly suit….but it all takes personal involvement…and most people just want to complain…then they meekly comply with the modern Babylon.

  • ykwthis…

    And wear a Trump hat in there and see the reaction you get (especially on weekends….)

  • Reggie

    “Hijacked?” They are city streets and the city has decided that it would prefer for a period of time to use its streets for economic development purposes rather than allowing residents and others to store their private property on them for free (to offer a different perspective from Mr. Smith).

  • AEB

    I don’t–and wouldn’t–own or wear a Trump hat. But why would a negative reaction to doing so NOT engender hostility? Or at least “bad vibes”? He is scum. Empirically demonstrably so.

  • J Thompson II

    “The city decided”(!)…what a classic line!!!…hey, who voted for this? Who was even consulted? …NOBODY….

    The darlings of the new Babylon….and it IS in every was a Babylon, read the last few days news what an absolute acid this “industry” is on society.

    But that “little” aspect aside, I see, I and everyone else has to sit still for endless disruptions and some of the most arrogant behavior on this planet.

    There ARE neighborhoods and municipalities where none of this goes on because the people won’t allow it.

    And there’s no other way to generate their “contribution”? (How about a lower tax structure AND less overbearing bureaucracy if you start or move a business to NYC?)

  • Cranberry Beret

    For many, it’s not a parking issue. Having noisy trucks, equipment, generators, crew for 12-16 hours in front of your building can be a nuisance.

  • Junior Thompson II

    Let me tell what happened in BH the night of the election;

    I came back from the Hilton via Rock Ctr what a scene…got back to BH people were arriving from Javits’s like 1 AM, so I began to shout up at Windows Trump had won! People were screaming, cursing. Of course, that’s fuel to do more. Finally one woman up 8 floors became so distraught she leaned out too far. She began to fall…only her husband saved, her just barely. Well… So I quickly called four friends who were still up and we went around the Heights singing/ shouting….”Ding ding the witch is dead”(!!!!)

    This went on till about 3:30 AM.

    So, AEB, did you like that little story?….

  • Junior Thompson II

    Well consider what happened on,. well it had to be Monroe, at the courthouse in which they were allowed to store lights and other equipment overnight. They began to take equip out at 5:00 AM. Every person I know over there said the noise was not to be believed! So there’s a Long history of disruptive behavior indeed…

  • Reggie

    That’s how representative government works. The current and previous mayor (who could not be more unalike) both supported this practice. It may go all the way back to Giuliani. The City Council has not passed any laws limiting film production in NYC. All of these people were elected by voters.

  • AEB

    Sure. Though it wasn’t little.

  • Jorale-man

    Tip of the hat to the Joralemon Street resident who was watering her tree bed the other day with a hose. The extremely dry autumn has been tough on the area’s trees and plants. Everyone should do their part to give them a healthy drink now and then.

  • B.

    I water also the newly planted trees across the street from where I live. Since I am near the intersection, cars should be slowing down but continue to speed at about 45 mph before pausing momentarily to make their turn. Fun to lug water bucket, look the drivers in the eye, and pretty much dare them to mow me down. Time for speed cameras everywhere.

  • meschwar

    I just wish it was for something better than Madame Secretary.

  • Jorale-man

    Here, here. I think the speed bumps have been fairly successful in the hood but there aren’t enough of them. Henry Street south of Montague is particularly egregious – vehicles race down the hill, then when they actually have to slow down at Atlantic, they lean on their horns needlessly (which always adds to the ambiance when you’re enjoying a coffee at Tazza. Grr…)

  • Andrew Porter

    Time to post more BH historical postcards! Here’s the Temple Bar and Brooklyn Dime Savings Bank Building (the low one) at the SW corner of Remsen and Court. At far right you can see the edge of the Garfield Building, whose postcard I posted a few weeks ago:

  • Don Garlits II

    A some of you know, I’m a former street racer and Rod & Custom nut forever so I can tell you that the two REAL danger spots in the Heights are…Henry Street and Pineapple. Because people get on the accelerator to get up the hill continue nailing it when they get to the top of the hill So you need a bump beyond the crest of the hill.

    Besides that, Clark St is a mini Drag Strip 24/7 you need a staggered bump between Henry and Cadman to slow all the yups down espec as they turn in from Cadman.

  • DIBS

    Did you ever make it with Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Seems like the speeding problem is more prevalent among taxis, young men driving Chargers and Subaru WRXs with aftermarket spoilers, and the like. I’d be interested to know how you define “yups”, because for me it conjures up images of conservatively-operated Honda CRVs and Volvo XC90s with child seats in the back.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I’ll take a 6am movie shoot over what happened in that anecdote any Wednesday morning.

  • A Neighbor

    NY Real Estate Board reports that retail rents in much of Brooklyn are rising. But not in Brookln Heights where rents on Montague are down 21% from a year ago.

  • Reggie

    Interesting. Do you have a link to an online source?

  • Andrew Porter

    At least it “snowed” on Remsen during the shoot. I took a handful of the white plastic stuff home after visiting Perelandra (the store, not the planet).

  • Andrew Porter

    You’re going downhill, not uphill, on Hicks. There is already a traffic light at the intersection with Clark.

    The real problem is that cars on Pineapple can’t see approaching cars on Hicks over the hoods of the cars parked on the west side of Hicks. Innumerable fender-benders, sometimes worse, at that corner!

    There’s a speed bump on Hicks north of Pineapple that really works.

  • Andrew Porter

    Speaking of Montague, they’ve replaced the sidewalk in front of the former Starbucks, and I was told that the roof has ben fixed so it doesn’t leak any more. So maybe a new tenant is in the cards?

  • Andrew Porter

    TheRealDeal reports rising commercial rent asks in Brooklyn, doesn’t mention BH:

  • A Neighbor

    Sorry. It’s on their website –

  • Don Garlits II

    I first met Mrs Muldowney I guess in the late 60’s. She was a great highly intelligent driver and overall great competitor.
    The alliance with Kalitta finally fizzled. The heart like a wheel film, while a far better than most movies about racing figures, doesn’t begin to convey the range of her life and the quality of her driving. But there were and are many great women drivers. There were always girl hot rodders from the start. During the 60’s and on of course there was Shirley Shaban, the drag on lady, then there was Paula Murphy, who was great!, Then there was Barbra Hamilton who was famiously blocked by the NHRA. There were dozens of others over the years. I think there were one or two Women as alternative Jet car jockeys….all great memories.

  • ykwthis…

    Yeah the taxi’s are the worst…but yuppies in both euro and rice rockets the most frequent source of major problems. Yips in turbo cars hit the kick-in RPM the power kicks in and they can’t properly respond. Just ask the cops in the 76 PCT the accidents BMW geniuses have been involved in on the 278. Yips by their basic nature in general equate agressivness with success, this besides being rain-puddle deep thinkers. So when you have more credit access/money that brains/judgement what do you think results?

    Add to this a layer of inner city ‘the more I can get away with the cooler I am’ mentalities added to all of the above, and it’s a perfect formula for disaster.

    Because nobody in a population like that really thinks about the possible consequences of their actions, either for themselves or others.