Pierrepont Playground Halloween Parade 10/28 — Volunteers Still Needed!

The Annual Pierrepont Playground Halloween Parade is this Saturday, the 28th! Start time is around 10am, with the usual bake sale, craft table, and (family-friendly) mayhem! They are still looking for volunteers, so sign up here if you’re interested. If you would like to provide baked treats, just remember — fake eyeballs are okay, but real eyeballs would be a tad gauche.

Official details:

 The annual Pierrepont Playground Halloween Parade will be on Saturday, October 28th at 10:00am. Bake sale, crafts, and playground fun to follow the parade! If you’d like to volunteer, please sign up here. Hope to see everyone there!

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  • well, ykwthis…Boo!

    So Claude, what are you going to as this year? Andy can go as a panda, Archie can go as, well I’d better not say….

    Someone asked me, and I said I’m going around the Heights and to the village parade as, lemme think..hey, I know! I’ll go as…Jeff Smith!!. Hey!, that’s gotta be the scareyist thing in the whole event!!!….

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales

    Dang it! You stole my idea.