Update on Brooklyn Bridge Park Vehicle Joyride

As a clarification to earlier news reports, we have learned the following from Brooklyn Bridge Park authorities:

At approximately 3:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, several individuals broke into the Pier 2 Uplands maintenance and operations yard.

Without keys, they turned on and drove a series of BBP’s utility vehicles and a bobcat.

It appears they used the bobcat to lift, and turn over, an NYC Parks Enforcement patrol car. The extent of the damage is under review.

The entire incident was recorded by our security cameras, and the tape has been handed over to NYPD, with whom we are working closely.

We will let you know of any further developments.

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  • Andrew Porter

    So this IS a lack of security at BBP. Intentional vandalism. At least it was too dark to spray paint the place with graffiti…

  • Reggie

    “Without keys” as in, they hot-wired the Bobcat (a brand name and therefore capitalized), or as in, all they had to do is press a button to fire up the skid steer loader?

  • JS-1

    This is pure BBPC “we can get away with anything” behavior. How could any of this go and no one sees/hears anything? Uh huh…this is a vandalism incident. But if this kind of thing can happen and NO ONE reacts, uh what happens when some creep decides to do something to a lone woman or child?….and this is also the result of many levels of our community “leaders” deciding to keep quiet and not expose themselves by getting really involved in controlling some of the growing security “problems in that park