Joyrider Steals Construction Vehicle, Wreaks Havoc at BBP

Never a dull day at Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. NBC New York reports that at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, a vandal stole a bulldozer (CBS Local calls it a forklift) and drove it through Pier 2, toppling a parks police truck and damaging other items at the site. Police believe a construction worker left the keys in the vehicle before leaving for the weekend on Friday. Video of the joyride remnants at the link to the story here.


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  • Andrew Porter

    On an up note, no guns or basketballs were involved.

    Article on Gothamist here:

  • CassieVonMontague

    Small nitpick: NBC New York says “bulldozer” and then shows a pictures of a bobcat with a forklift attachment and another of a backhoe. Anyone who has read the great tome Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site will know the difference.

  • JS-1

    This gives an idea of the “security” provided by the wonderful people at the BBPC…

    They should be glad no Joralemon homeowners I know were involved, otherwise whoever was responsible might have been provided with fissionable materials….

  • Reggie

    Is that really fair? That BBPC should double-check things that its contractors should be responsible for?

  • Reggie

    It also called the park police car a truck.

  • Concerned

    Yes. It is fair. You hire contractors who are responsible and hire responsible people, as well as have safe guards and protocols for safety. When you have vehicles that are easily able to cause destruction and death, safety must always be first.

  • BBP Boneheads

    Let’s be clear. The bobcat used to flip-over the park police car was not part of the construction site. It’s part of the park’s maintenance and operations vehicles. The site where this incident took place is nowhere near the construction site. So, it’s clearly another example of rank incompetence on the part of the park. They can’t secure their own maintenance area and they can’t secure their own maintenance vehicles that are parked there. It’s about time that someone who knows thing 1 about parks becomes a part of the team running this park.

  • Arch Stanton

    Indeed The video shows a Bobcat with forks near the flipped car, then shows a loader with backhoe, unclear which was used to cause the mayhem, but either way not a “bulldozer”. Another fine example of sloppy, ignorant reporting.

  • Boneheads?

    Well, let’s be really clear AND ACCURATE- the area where this happened was a place shared between the park maintenance folks and the construction crews working at Pier 3 (which is actually pretty close by). And the area was totally secured – these hooligans scaled the 8′ tall fence. that is breaking and entering, which is a crime. But sure, go ahead and blame the victims here. Do you blame your neighbors when someone breaks into their house or car?

  • JS-1

    So what does all this say about the “security” in that park..

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Great work today! Now, shhhh….