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  • Willow Street Watch

    Well, the 84th Precinct community council meeting met last night. After a brief presentation on organ donation, ther was the presentation of the cop of the month well deserved. Then the fireworks started! Sizable contingent of Dumbo residents attended in response to the club shooting incident and worsening conditions generaly in dumbo. In the exchange, it developed somewhere in the heated exchange that one of the gangs exchanging gunfire was from CANARSIE! their rivals were from somewhere in Flatbush! The police noted that they had repeatedly sought the help of these pop up party venues in being careful as to what they allowed. And the investigation into the (latest) gunplay was ongoing. There were other serious downtown security concerns. Several people noted the continuing outrages associated with the BBP now include one crew coming from the park who thought it was fine to take a pipe and jab a woman pushing a child on Joralemon!!

    Finally one well known Heights resident arose and assailed the entire mounting situation. ” the situation is (starting to) spiral out of control, and we’ve seen all this before” he said his voice rising. The large rise in population without rise in police/fir/EMS manpower thinning out the safety net, was again brought out. “The mutts all know this now” he commented.

  • CHatter

    Took one of my kids to the new ramen place on Henry this weekend (it replaced our beloved Siggy’s so I was a little conflicted about it, to be honest). Anyway, it was really, really good. I had the ramen with the pork belly and my son had a ramen burger. Lovely people in there too. Highly recommended.

  • alyssabereznak

    Good morning,

    This week’s HeightsCast is out. In it, we interview Andrea Janes, who is giving a Haunted tour of Brooklyn Heights tonight. To preview the walk, she reveals some creepy tidbits about our neighborhood’s history. Enjoy!

  • HereToStay

    I wonder if you can get it to go — or if that would somehow ruin the ramen experience…

  • Willow Street Watch

    84 pct meeting continued…The speaker said that gangs coming from the park are not staying on Jorlemon, diverting through the Heights càusing incidents area wide. He asked why there couldn’t be a patrolman assigned to Joralemon St on weekends during the hours of max incidents. Then interestingly he proposed one or two high resolution police cameras be installed on Joralemon. This met with approving nods in the audience. Then the issue of the declining quality of 911 service was brought up. In what was certainly one of the most provocative remarks of the evening, the speaker said both to the Captain and to the several representatives of elected officials present that if 0rople don’t feel they are protected, they will start protecting themselves! By this point , Jo Anne Simon was present, and she clearly bristled at the comment.

    One speaker assailed the audience for not being more vocal. “A lot of this ( what’s increasingly going wrong) is on you” he pointed to the members of the council and those in attendance, “not him” he pointed to the Captain, “you need to support things better than you have” he said. This brought considerable applause. Other then spoke up one saying that adults should simply better council to youths that some behaviors, like bad companions, should be avoided. This too was met with approvals by the audience. Several comments were made on the mounting verbal abuse, often obscene, increasingly directed at women and how that is worsening, especially along Bond Street. A number of bike riders complained about parking in bike lanes. Finally the Captain was asked his thoughts on the upcoming big anti police meeting scheduled for Thursday Oct 22 at noon at the War Memoral on Cadman. The Captian said it was a family meeting so he would hold the comment he would loke to make! Given the fireworks, the meeting broke up in an amazingly friendly manner.

  • Concerned

    Just a quick shout out to the great neighbor who I met cleaning up the garden area in front of the rental building at Hicks and Pierrepont St. The place was a mess and this great neighbor (who doesn’t live there) cleaned, weeded and planted there. Whoever owns that building should be ashamed how they kept it.

  • Andrew Porter

    One of the problems is that people complain about stuff on social media, like here, and never actually call 3-1-1 or the police about incidents that would thus be on file with the NYPD and/or local politicians.

  • Andrew Porter

    This morning I noted a strong chemical smell from the repointing being done on the top of 111 Hicks, aka the St. George Tower. I called 311 about this and filed a complaint with the EPA.

  • Reggie

    Might that “well known Heights resident” be, ahem, Jeffrey Smith?

  • Willow Street Watch

    AND they don’t show up a major public meetings and send a clear message to agency official and elected pols. So thing just continue to destabilze.

    Er, when is the last time you’ve gone to public meeting or hearing and spoken up?

  • Willow Street Watch

    I don’t know, there were several people speaking. Were you the one there in a Red White and Blue original American Motors (Javilin-AMX) racing jacket?

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Kudos to the anonymous green thumb, and I wish the building manager would deal with the fallen ginkgo fruit on the sidewalk. It’s time to walk out into the street again…

  • HereToStay

    FRIEND OF A FARMER HAS OPENED! And it is really good!! Finally something new…

  • Willow Street Watch


    12 NOON

    Through monitoring of social media however, demonstrators can be expected to start converging around and through the Heights starting about 8 AM. NOTE: A number of conservative blogs are talking about
    a counter demonstration especially given the events of last night.

  • North heights res

    Could you please provide links to those blogs? Thanks.

  • A Tree

    I will be there to protest police brutality.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Careful talking about this place. Last time I brought it up, the day it opened, I got a lot of hate for it. Not sure why, it’s a wonderful little restaurant that people should try out.

  • cat

    Unfortunately, we had a terrible experience there on Monday night. The Shepherd’s Pie was horrible. The presentation was very unappetizing and the taste was worse. Desserts were forgettable. A big disappointment as we have been looking forward to it’s opening.

  • Jorale-man

    When can we expect a Karl Junkersfeld review? It’s been a while.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Well, I’m considering going there with a sign: one side will say: “God bless the NYPD”and the other side will say: “Pants up! Don’t loot!!!”

    What I’d LIKE to do is go there with a sign: “DANIEL HORSMANDEN

    My absolute favorite candidate to replace blaz……

  • DIBS

    What is its name?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I will be there to protest the disgraceful ongoing collection and display of Renoir paintings at New York’s otherwise culturally valuable institutions (the Met, the Frick, et al).

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Anyone catch last week’s South Park by any chance? Great send-off of Yelp reviewers. Those kids who do the weekly podcast should check it out too.

  • Greg

    Don’t let negative people dissuade you. I read and appreciated your input.

  • Willow Street Watch

    You won’t help me hold a Horsmanden for mayor banner at the war memorial today?

    On the other hand do attend with a anti Renoir sign, let’s turn this into a protest-a-thon!!! Sure! Everyone go there and protest what YOU don’t like: you don’t like barking dogs? Go protest, you don’t like French movies? Go protest. Don’t like the price of pasta? Go today and protest. Hate smokey the bear? Everyone should come and protest whatever the don’t like….that way they’ll be a mammouth turnout and true intellectual democracy!!! It’s already a mobocracy

    But let’s all consider Daniel Horsmanden for mayor…or when you think of it, for president…Hr’s the ideal counteractive/antidote for the years of Obama. He’s a LONG time NYC resident, in fact he presently domicles downtown Manh. In the shadow of Trinity Church. He’s a former distinguished jurist with a really admirable history on the bench…and his social outlook gives every indication of being instantly able to correct the key factors which are causing the city to subperform..
    Perhaps we could first draft Daniel to be the head of the BHA! Hey, he’d be the most lively exec. on the board….

  • DIBS

    I apologize for all of Philadelphians as we have most of them at The Barnes Foundation.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Time is 2:14 PM so far, the turnout for the protest is totally laughable! About fifty scruffy inner city and far left types doing nothing….

  • Brixtony

    Maybe you should check the source you referenced in your anti-Arthur Miller screed. For those who missed it: the John Birch/ racist/ anti- Jew organization, Red Channels, was quoted as authoritative by this deep thinker. ( if you’re not familiar with these fascist, check a reputable search engine). Thanks for truly exposing where you are “coming from”.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    They may have been doing nothing, but they were better at it than Renoir was at painting!

  • A Tree

    Ah, nothing like the casual racism of BHB’s own Willow Street Watch.