Super High-Rise Coming to Montague?

I remember some years ago reading someone’s prediction that the price Brooklyn Heights would pay for being a designated historic district is that it would eventually be “walled around by high-rises.” Brownstoner reports that developer Midtown Equities has acquired the property at 205 Montague Street, near the corner of Cadman Plaza West and spanning the block to Pierrepont. They have also acquired air rights that would allow them to build up to 700 feet. A rendering of the structure they could build using the maximum of those air rights, courtesy of Brownstoner, is shown above.

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  • TeddyNYC

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse.

  • Willow Street Watch

    When you look at the towers they want to ring the Heights with, which by YOUR inaction they are going ahead with, two basic realities should occur to everyone about these buildings and this kind of construction:

    This is maximum space for minimum cost engineering and in a world like we have now, what do you think that could (very easily) mean?….

    And when did anyone in 1965 at the landmarking or any time therever sign off on any Hobson’s choice that for historic status we had to allow uncontrolled growth at our doorstep?

  • RJG

    I think neighborhoods like Brooklyn Heights that are clearly uncomfortable with the changes going on in Brooklyn need to broaden their outlook and work through Community Board 2.

    Ten years from now the tremendous growth in the downtown and surrounding areas will mean the center of political and economic power in northwest Brooklyn will be much broader than it is today.

  • MonroeOrange

    so it is OUR inaction…you have nothing to do with it, bc you are so active?

  • Andrew Porter

    As I commented on, if this structure were to be built, the wind tunnel effect on the corner would be much worse than it is now, with the possibility that people may literally get blown over.

    This horrible structure replaces the current very dull building, which ironically replaced quite a nice office building; there’s even a historical marker on it, commemorating a major date in baseball history.

    Here’s a photo of the original building on the site (behind the Fulton Street elevated train; that’s 16 Court Street on the left):

  • HereToStay

    Well, we are one of the largest cities in the world — all the growth cant just be in Manhattan… I think we’ll see quite a few more of these outside of the protected area as time goes on. I for one am glad we are moving forward and trust infrastructure will grow and improve as need be.

  • R.O.Shipman

    Is this really a big deal? There are already tall buildings ringing Cadman Plaza/Borough Hall Park/Etc. and this building would be between two of the tallest on the stretch in 16 Court and One Pierrpont.

    Downtown Brooklyn is growing and the entire city needs that type of growth (we need far more of it, actually). There doesn’t seem to be any real good reason why it shouldn’t happen on the site of a bland, squat, six story building, where as-of-right zoning allows for a much more substantial building.

  • Andrew Porter

    After thinking about it, I just posted this over on Brownstoner:

    “All this is dependent on actual sale of the property, and at $200 million, we’re not talking chopped liver. Quite possible this could go for considerably less. Also, with such a high price, the only housing that would provide a decent ROI would be condos—and I believe the Russian oligarch market has been firmly captured by Manhattan developments.

    “Real estate reports have the Brooklyn market cooling off considerably in recent months. I think this whole thing is throw-it-in-the-wind-and-see-if-anyone’s-interested conjecture.”

  • Sensei B

    That library in the photo looks eerily similar to the one I hacked together back in January. Of course, I was as crazy a fool back then as those who said I was wrong are now.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Er, just a a matter of interest, were YOU at the 84 Pct meeting last night? Or ANY public meeting or hearing and spoke up in the last, like few months? Yeah, guy (I really want to use another term) I and my associates ARE active 24/7….

  • Willow Street Watch

    You trust the pols/RE industry/bankers to produce safe infrastructure? Sure.

  • Willow Street Watch

    The big deal guy (again, I’d like to use another term) is that I and my neighbors don’t feel like being some kind American Indians rolled over by a newly invented, financed fueled, conquering force you apparently admire.

    All we’ll all end up in what’s quickly developing is a total fiasco in which no one is really going to escape.

  • Jorale-man

    I know I’ve said it here before but it bears repeating: nobody seems to care whether the already overcrowded, strained subways possibly absorb massive influxes of new residents. One building may not make a huge difference but one after another starts to add up and take a toll on the transportation infrastructure.

  • A Tree

    Please don’t compare yourself or the neighborhood to native Americans, that’s just insulting. I mean, are you seriously comparing Brooklyn Heights to the systemic massacre of natives to some skyscraper? Jesus lord help me. I don’t support this project either but your ridiculous hyperbole isn’t helping.

  • Willow Street Watch

    The process here is exactly the displacement process, admittedly on a less intense level, which has been used on native populations. The long term Heights residents, who are now 50 plus and have VERY affordable rents certainly ARE being targeted. The amount of long term residents who have left the Heights, often under intense landlord pressure, is now VERY considerable! There is a whole sector who have been “eased out by the Dept of Aging goons who have a ” relationship” with the Real Estate industry.

    So, yeah I know of the classic displaced/conquered populations and I don’t feel the I or my neighbors, who represent the best, most valuable, stabilization elements in this community, should join any trail of tears. Oh, is what I just said not politically or socially correct?

    Too bad…its the quiet reality for too many good people in the Heights now…