Fortis Hires Firms With de Blasio Connections for LICH Site Proposal; CHA Hires Lawyer With Same

Last week’s public meeting on Fortis Property Group’s proposals for development of the Long Island College Hospital site produced little but the conclusion that the developers and local residents are far from agreement on anything other than the need for affordable housing: see Mary Frost’s Eagle story. Politico NY reports that Fortis has now hired Hilltop Public Solutions, which helped with Mayor de Blasio’s election campaign, to handle “community outreach” on the LICH project, and Capolino+Company, which “has worked closely with [de Blasio] since he took office”, to handle lobbying.

Meanwhile, JP Updates reports that the Cobble Hill Association has hired Jim Walden, the lawyer who represented de Blasio as Public Advocate in opposing the sale of LICH, to represent the community’s interests in the LICH site matter.

One bit of information that came from last Thursday’s public meeting: Fortis has not yet closed on the LICH site, contrary to what we earlier said, relying on Curbed. We were misinformed.

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  • cybergal99

    wait, wasn’t he arrested at LICH trying to “save it” ..

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Sure was — but, as we all know, he just did that to get elected. As soon as he became Mayor, he stuck the knife in LICH supporters’ backs.

  • Bornhere

    Whenever I think my years have afforded me a certain inarguable wisdom, I am reminded that I am, first and foremost, the I’ve Been Duped, Yet Again princess….

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve got one of those “Kick Me” signs on my back, too.

  • Arch Stanton

    Sadly, no big surprise here, other than they “came out of the closet” so soon…

  • Willow Street Watch

    The central reality of DeBlazio is that when he first went to cuba , several top ranking DINA figures concluded that he was some kind of U.S. agent or staking horse for something connected with U.S. interests. They remained cordial, but remained distant. The Cubans simply didn’t have the sophistication to understand that Blaz was ALWAYS a low level creature of the NGO/Major banking world. He was ALWAYS one of the many synthetic created and closely controlled radical appearing robots
    using the far left as a cover story The question with all these types is…who are their funding sources…just look at WHO Blaz’s campaign and after, contributors were/are….Duh, he was a financial sector/NGO Agent from day one…

    But there are STILL many major figures in the Heights’ political and civic circles who up and down try to deny this. So, many of our “leaders” are either stone deaf to reality or are total disinformation sources.

    So he turned on you after election? Duh. I wonder why that was….

  • DIBS

    Those of us who are not bleeding heart liberals were never duped.

  • Arch Stanton

    Not sure what’s so “bleeding heart liberal” about wanting to keep a Hospital from closing?

  • Doug Biviano

    Who are theor funding sources? To answer Willow Street Watch’s question go to the New King of Brooklyn Heigjts post at

    You can also read my BHB interview from last year’s election where we address this by explaining the backroom “Consultant” Berlin Rosen and the PAC Campaign for One NY. One NY did the Gary Reilly LICH Dark Money Mailer in coordination with Election year deblasio candidate for Assembly, Pete Sikora.

    Keep mind when I talk about One NY, deblasio’s PAC, is run and coordinated by Bill Hyers and Berlin Rosen. Bill Hyers ran deBlasios 2013 mayoral campaign and also run Hilltop. Like Berlin Rosen Hilltop is the new class of so called PR and Campaign Consultants who lobby and coordinate through their connections but won’t register as lobbyists. They are turnkey political and special interest corruption shops. One stop shopping to screw the voter and our neighborhood. You were served on a silver platter by your elected officials.

  • Willow Street Watch

    You are exactly right. You digging out and publicizing these “new factors” in the electoral game is a major service no matter what some Heights “leaders” may try to say.

    But Blaz is a creation of a higher level of the banking/NGO’s/control mechanism. Political figures who suddenly “just apperar” on the political stage are ALWAYS artificial creations with carefully crafted “backgrounds” for all the mindless captives of the left-right hologram to support according to the what they think is “their” choice….which is the functional heart of the process which has brought this country, and Western Civilization, for that matter, to state they are now in.

  • Henry Fonda

    And, how!