“Celebrate Brooklyn!” Pier 1 Dance Parties Start This Thursday

This Thursday evening, May 14, and the subsequent two Thursdays, Brooklyn Bridge Park, in conjunction with BRIC, will present the fifth annual series of Celebrate Brooklyn! dance parties, to be held on the Harbor View Lawn of Pier 1 starting at 7:00 p.m. This week’s party has the theme Classic Soul Funk, and features Sonny Knight and the Lakers (photo) along with Rhythm Revue with Felix Hernandez.

On Thursday the 21st the theme will be Electro Soul, and the featured artists are Jamie Lidell, FIXED (DJs JDH and Dave P), and Brooklyn United Marching Band.

The finale on Thursday, May 28 will be Latin Jazz featuring Poncho Sanchez, Salsa Salsa Dance Studio, and Bobbito Garcia.

These events are free.

Photo: Nick Kozel via minnesota.cbslocal.com.

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  • Willow Street Watch

    Oh great!! Now let’s ask a basic question.. How many thousands of decibels of “music” is everyone from Henry to the Promenade going to be blasted with till..well until the “artists” and the BBP mgt. decide….

    Try to sleep on Col. Hts or Willow during these “performances” ….

  • neighboronhicks

    it makes me sad that you feel the need to be ugly about a community-building, family-oriented musical event that ends before the nightly news.

  • Willow Street Watch

    Really? It makes me sad when it’s after midnight and the music is still blasting..OR…certain elements on the promenade decide that they should continue the “concert” via their loud radios. This may be a gift to some types but to anyone who has to go to work or put kids to bed, these events are an arrogant intrusion. But that’s exactly what the park is in the first place…..

  • neighboronhicks

    how very unfortunate for you.

  • invinoveritas

    duuuude. lighten up.

  • MaryT

    Fun is fun, but many studies link excessive decibels to stress disorders that are similar to PTSD. There are hearing disorder associations, too. That’s why the DEP set limits. Their guide can be read at: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dep/pdf/noise_code_guide.pdf.

    The city has been very blase about enforcing these rules for public events. Contact the DEP and the 84th Precinct to insist that they monitor them here.

  • Sen. Bob Forehead

    Ah, the concerts start at 7pm, the news starts at 6pm, so these are what 30 min concerts?

  • Sen. Bob Forehead

    And will our friends from the 84th be in attendance? I hope.