Alleged Package Thief Caught in the Act on Pierrepont Street

Folks, it’s time once again to watch your packages. A BHB reader fired off this tweet this afternoon informing us about a theft at 90 Pierrepont Street – and and image of who they believe is the alleged perp:

This is not the first time an alleged petty thief has been caught in the act by area security cameras. Last year on Pierrepont Street an alleged thief/skell-in-waiting made off with newspapers stacked in a building’s lobby. Alleged Citibike thieves were also caught on tape last year.

And, of course, there was the Mail Stealing Dirtbag who stole Toddler Fink’s Valentine’s Day package from Grandma last year – who we wish was caught on tape.

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  • Teresa

    I am uncomfortable with a photo being posted of an “alleged thief” based on one person’s word/suspicions. You don’t know who this person is or what he was doing there.

  • y zohar

    The photo is from one of the building’s security cameras. It was posted in the front, presumably after the footage was reviewed by the landlord and this person was deemed to be the culprit (perhaps based on him coming in at 5:30 am and taking a package that had been sitting there).

  • DIBS

    If the video footage shows him coming in, taking the package and leaving, that sort of “political correctness” is just ridiculous.

  • MonroeOrange

    it looks a bit like DIBS to me….

  • y zohar

    To be sure, I didn’t see the footage myself, and I am assuming what the landlord saw in the footage was as I described. So based on that assumption, this is what our guy looks like.

  • y zohar

    I am disseminating this information not because I believe my assumption to be true but in order to give other area residents an opportunity to compare notes.

  • Sen. Bob Forehead

    I’m uncomfortable that you’re uncomfortable. An updated version has been posted that meets your high moral standards.

  • weejun

    61 Pierrepont had some issues a month or so ago.

  • Ebenezer

    Over the holidays I found two broken up boxes and contents strewn at my lower door. Was stolen from a house two doors away. Contents weren’t of interest to thief, I assume. I reassembled best I could and returned them. This is on Remsen between Henry and Hicks. Also have a continuing problem with newspaper thieves. Brought video to police station. But obviously the lowest of low priorities…

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    A LOT of the reason this is happening
    Is that lazy deliverymen even when
    Buzzed in only want to leave the
    Packages in the outer hallway..
    God forbid they make the effort
    To open the second door they are
    Being given access to and leave
    Packages…including legal docu
    Ments and delivered medications
    In the INNER hallway…the mail
    Guys are often just as bad…

  • y zohar

    I was actually thinking that an unscrupulous courier would make a good suspect, since their line of work affords them the opportunity to methodically case buildings. But there has to be a line between watchfulness and witch hunt.

  • johnny cakes

    When I complained to the 84th about packages being stolen at my building, they wouldn’t take the complaint. They said it was between me and UPS. That was how it ended. Nowhere. The beat goes on, and so do the thefts. It was medicine, which I had to pay for to get replaced. I now only ship to the UPS store (which charges me $5 for each pickup.) Nice!

  • beezy

    I once lived in that building. The door does not always lock, particularly in the winter. Thieves know this and will try to open the door from time to time. I saw it happen once but did not realize what was going on until the lowlife took off on his bike. Also, most of the inhabitants are oblivious and don’t take time to make sure the door is properly closed behind them. There were several thefts when I lived at 90. The LL does nothing about it. Seeing the crime on a security camera is not too helpful when your stuff is already gone.