Open Letter To The Mail Stealing Dirtbag In Brooklyn Heights

Dear Mail Stealing Dirtbag – I’m sure you really needed that Valentine’s Day care package grandma sent my 3 year old more than she did. So I’ll forgive you for stealing it from our lobby.

Oh who am I kidding? I’m not a “feelings” guy.

I’m more furious than the power of a thousand suns. Is your life really that sad, shallow and empty that robbing people’s mail seems like a good idea? You low life sociopath. Thanks for breaking down the social contract one more notch. The only thing dimmer than your future is your intellect.

You stole something clearly marked for child from her grandmother. You are pure evil.

I know that a few readers in North Heights mentioned seeing a person stealing mail recently. Comment below if this has happened to you.

Friends, if you see something say something. Take a photo. Call the cops.

Update: The NY Post covers this story.

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  • AnnofOrange

    Terrible! USPS package guy sometime leaves packages at the door. Next time someone sees him, should tell him not to do that any more, although going to the PO to pick up a package is not fun!

  • Guest

    Horrible. Between mail stealing and cat stealing, what the heck is going on in Brooklyn Heights? I had a package stolen in my old East Village apartment years ago. It was sent all the way from Paris. I felt so….violated.

  • EJ

    We’ve had several packages stolen from our lobby recently across Atlantic in Cobble Hill.

  • LincolnLogs

    We’ve had packages for our young kids stolen from the lobby of our building several times so now most relatives now either send packages that require a signature or instead send a check in a card. One year I was trying to save money & bought 2 pairs of shoes for myself (from different sellers) on ebay. Both happened to be delivered on the same day, which, as I found out from the mail carrier, happened to be the day that Social Security checks got delivered. Apparently this is a big day to break into mailboxes as well as steal anything else they see (such as my ebay shoes).

  • David on Middagh

    Not sure if this counts…

    Sunday afternoon at the corner of Pierrepont and Monroe Place, I saw a possibly homeless man (or just an immigrant?) carrying what looked like a boxful of paper recycling. It was a clear box as might be used for mail, but I couldn’t tell if the papers were unopened mail or just discards.

  • David on Middagh

    Open letter from Mark Twain “to the next burglar”….

  • ColumbiaHeightster

    Honest question, not meant to stir debate: How does mail theft happen (other than packages)? Don’t the postal carriers put mail in locked mailboxes? Really just curious – not doubting that people’s mail has been stolen. That stinks.

  • neighboronhicks

    when i lived in downtown brooklyn an easter card my mother sent me had been ripped open and taped back shut, with the easter cash stolen. i filed a report with usps but never heard a peep from them.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    I just hope I run into someone trying to steal my (or my neighbors) mail again.

  • Teresa

    Serious question: what makes you equate the appearance of the homeless and immigrants?

  • Arch Stanton

    One evening about 20 years ago, when I was living on Hicks St. I heard someone riffling through the trash. I observed a man carefully going through the paper recycling, clearly engaged in identity theft. I grabbed the 12 gauge and “announced” myself to him. No words were exchanged but the guy made it to the corner (about 100 ft away) in 2 seconds. Betcha he never came back the the Heights ;)

  • Anon

    Early Christmas morning (sometime between 1am-7am), someone broke into our building (on Pierrepont), tore open all the packages in the mailroom and left behind anything he didn’t want from about a dozen different boxes

    Could be the same person, sure hope he gets caught!

  • Shannon

    I’m also in the North Heights (Clark/Hicks) and have had issues in the past. Around Valentines Day two years ago my now husband ordered me two bottles of my favorite (and discontinued) perfume. Package went missing. My grandma also sent me a box of See’s Candy. Missing. My super mentioned that this was happening a lot and UPS got so many complaints that they launched an investigation. They eventually caught the guy. Apparently he would trail the UPS guy, let him drop off a bunch of packages, and then enter the building a few mins later and collect all the packages and leave. Since then I signed up for UPS My Choice. Whenever a package is being sent to me (whether I ordered it or someone else did) I get a text alert letting me know. It’s been great so far.

  • David on Middagh

    Some immigrants are near-destitute and can’t afford winter-appropriate, or matched, clothes.

  • Anon

    One week ago we had a fedex package stolen from the gate under our stoop on Garden Place. Thief opened it, stole contents (a set of children’s books) and left the open box near our garbage container. This happened sometime on a Saturday.

  • jv

    I live on poplar st. We had most of our problems around Christmas time. I actually saw and caught the late teens/ early twenty year olds. I was in the back of our building and from there I looked up to the window in our lobby where packages are left and saw them hurriedly taking packages. I said to my friend “that doesn’t look right. I think they are stealing packages.” So I ran around the building to our side exit and caught one on the side walk in front. I asked him to stop and if I could see the packages. He dropped all of them and stood there with one in his hand. All obviously addressed to different people. I asked to see the one in his hand and he tried to tell me it was his. I said let me see it. He gave it to me. I yelled. You can imagine how infuriated I was. Adrenaline really pumping. I lectured. Said to never come back here or I would call the police. I put all the packages back inside. It was Christmas Eve! We had dinner reservations in ten minutes so I did not call the cops but I wish I would have.

  • Janbird

    I live on Pierrepont and had a package stolen from our lobby. I also mailed a check at the mailbox on Henry and Montague and it never made it. Now I mail everything at the Post Office. Mail theft is rampant, especially during holidays.

  • Janbird

    People steal from locked mailboxes. I am not sure how they do it but they do. It happens frequently in midtown. We mail everything at the post office now.

  • ellymay878

    How many immigrants do you know personally?

  • greg

    You’re a being racist, pure and simple.

  • guest2

    we had a package stolen on clinton street–it was a pillow

  • Henry North

    I’m an immigrant, and I live IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ! Bwahahahaha!

  • David on Middagh

    My father was an immigrant.

  • David on Middagh

    As I said, “I’m not sure if this counts.”

  • Andrew Porter

    In many buildings, the packages that don’t fit in the mailboxes are left on a table near the locked mailboxes. My building does this also, and we are not immune to this mail-stealing problem. Our outer door is locked, and residents are advised not to blindly buzz in people who claim to be delivering, or “mail” or “UPS”.

  • Andrew Porter

    Not an answer! Did you know him personally?