Cadman Plaza Park Turf Defiled by Dog Poop

A shocking photo just in from a BHB reader regarding Cadman Plaza Park:

Dog owners should stay out of the turf. Unleashed dogs are seen everywhere and now kids have to step on their POO. Give us a break!

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Is this a regular occurrence in the park or a one time thing?

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  • Heights parent

    Typical. This happens a lot at Cadman and it happens all over the sidewalks of the neighborhood. It’s so gross and such an entitled action. So dog owners are basically saying F you to their neighbors. It’s as simple as that.

  • Diesel

    Not all or even most, My human always picks up after me. It is the actions of only a few selfish slobs, unfortunately it stands out and makes us all look bad… Gerrr

  • DoBro84

    Sadly, some dog owners think the rules don’t apply to them. Here’s a photo from this morning. Cadman Plaza Park, January 12, 2015, 7:30 a.m.

  • DIBS

    That’s some very large and weird shaped poop

  • Mary

    There is an upcoming Cadman Park Conservancy meeting for volunteers: Tuesday January 20th at 101 Clark Street, 7:30 pm.

    Dog poop in the park is one of several issues (noise, trash, curfew) that really need more community and police involvement and enforcement. Let’s get on it before the good weather comes.

  • PubliusBklyn

    This issue could easily be solved by law enforcement writing tickets for existing laws. Oh wait, they aren’t writing tickets, but instead showing their backside to their boss.

  • Mary

    Exactly. Also, didn’t the parks used to have supervision on site? I often see a bunch of guys behind the war memorial, hanging out and playing music. I never see anyone patrolling.

  • Poplar

    I feel like more signage directly around the turf could help. I think (hope) some people genuinely don’t know the rule.

  • Hick on Pierrepont

    The majority of dogs that go to Cadman Plaza for off-leash hours are very friendly and well behaved. If an owner is comfortable letting their dog off-leash in an unenclosed area, it usually means they are well trained with a watchful owner. Inconsiderate owners are an embarrassment to the majority of owners that pick up after their dogs. Shaming those owners is a way to address this issue in what is typically a peaceful co-existence between the many dog owners, that feel lucky to have off-leash hours, and others that use Cadman.

  • Clemens’ Mom

    I’ve seen homeless people poop and pee on the plastic toxic grassky so it’s possible a person did that. I don’t bring my dog to the park anymore. He was viciously attacked by a pitbull (off leash at an illegal hour). He nearly died. After he recovered, we visited the park again and he was attacked AGAIN by a different dog off leash at an illegal hour. Not to mention the rat poison strewn about haphazardly by the parks department (another story) so we stay well away from the plastic grassky and the entire park in general.

  • Bkbirddog

    I’ve only found poop on the turf one other time this year, and it was equally large and weird. It was during snow as well. This is definitely not a regular occurrence. I suspect this and the pile I found (and removed) are human. I know a lot of dogs won’t do their business on turf even if they run sind on it. But if course, not all will hold it. I find it boggling that a dog owner would just leave it there if it was their dog.
    I have a bigger problem with the total disregard for the off leash hours, which makes walking my dog on leash a challenge when we’re getting run up on by any number of strange loose dogs.

  • Monty

    Per the rules, dogs are not allowed on the turf with or without a leash at any time of day. Off leash is only on the grass.

  • Hick on Pierrepont

    no argument here, turf is 100% off limits

  • ltap917

    If my dog had been attacked I don’t think I’d have ever gone back to the same park.

  • Brixtony

    As a responsible dog owner, I go to the Hillside Dog Park for my dog’s recreation. (Confession: I have let her off in Cadman during snow storms – probably 6 times in 7 1/2 years, but she doesn’t relieve herself on the plastic turf.) It is highly annoying when people walk their dogs through the park off the leash when we’re there for a brief “visit”. I have dogs follow us out of the park when their owner was too busy on their phone to watch. There’s a fair amount of crap at the north end – when legal dogs are not attended to by their socializing owners. Every morning and evening a group have their dogs on the turf – this “entitlement” should be curbed along with the pooches.

  • Brixtony

    I agree- I used to let people know about this – many have never seen the fine print on the couple of signs that are there. However, the regulars know for sure.

  • PoplarDog

    I’m a dog owner who is part of the morning group at Cadman. All the owners know the turf is off limits and we take great care to police our dogs even when on the grass lawn. However, there are some owners who DO NOT follow the rules and have taken to the the turf. No excuses they all know the rules and choose to disregard them.

  • MonroeOrange

    The second pic..doesn’t look like dog poop..unless the dog weighs 600 pounds and is called a horse?… lets not blame the dogs so fast…i too have seen humans peeing on the turf late at night, maybe we should ban the humans too?

    maybe some more research should be done, before we blame the dogs and their owners…

  • ScoopMasters

    Unfortunately, this happens everywhere, not just Cadman Plaza Park. There are un-courteous dog owners everywhere.

  • Clemens’ Mom

    I know, what was I thinking? I waited about 6 months, he was so happy to return, and he was attacked again. That was it for us. We’ll never return. He’s a gentle (rescued) Sheltie so the ‘attack’ dogs must have pegged him as a target for their bullying. :-(

  • Andrew Porter

    Your keyboarding skills are admirable, Diesel—better than some of the humans who comment here. Tell your human to give you a doggy treat for me!

  • Archibal Beechcraft, ESQ

    How about no dogs crapping in the park. Ever. Let them crap inside your own apt and flush it We dont need your dog poop on the sidewalks , parks or anywhere.

  • Wasnotme

    If you are a dog owner and can read the signs, no dog is allowed on the turf area, only on the surrounding grass and behind the Memorial over the round field, Period!

  • goodcaninecitizen

    It seems that my reply from yesterday was removed, thanks for the unnecessary censorship. As for use of the turf, as a responsible owner I always clean up after my pups–and don’t let them use the turf as their toilet. For the poops that I have found there, i have cleaned them up so that anyone who is using the turf does not step in the dog mess. It’s the dead of winter friends, no one is using the turf at 7 in the morning, and I am actively avoiding a dog owner and their aggressive dog on the North Field. To the photographer, your world is quite small if you think using a turf is the worthy of citizen journalism. Tell you’ve never driven over the speed limit, walked across the street on a red light, run a red light, etc. These are small crimes in light of what is happening every day. Worry about what happens in your own glass house before you cast stones. I am saddened when people are generally irresponsible about keeping public spaces clean, but Cadman is littered with human waste in bushes, trash that people can’t get into the cans around them, and poorly marked rat poison. I try to do my best to be a good citizen, I should hope you do the same.

  • MonroeOrange

    if you can read the sign, you should have been able to read what i wrote….why are people blaming dogs when that doesn’t look anything like dog poop!

  • MonroeOrange

    how about what are you talking about…dogs are allowed on the sidewalk and in parks…most dog owners clean up and don’t leave poop on sidewalks and parks or ANYWHERE….

    Tell me that second pic looks anything like dog poop….bc it doesn’t…

    Lets turn the turf back into a dust bowl, then all you newbies will really complain!

  • MonroeOrange

    Homer…you need to stop allowing people to post pics of are going to get someone harassed for no reason…i would hate to own a green jacket and be int he park later today…who knows who will see this picture and blame an innocent person…

    DoBro, you should be ashamed of yourself…i hope someone follows you aroudn with a camera and takes a pic of you when you commit some infraction (speeding, jaywalking, littering), tell me you have never done anyone of the above?! you wouldn’t like it to have your pic posted on this blog..would you?!

  • goodcaninecitizen

    Thanks MonroeOrange, I appreciate the support. That sweet little dog isn’t even mine.

  • BrooklynBugle

    No reply from you posted here was deleted. Issue is on your end.

  • BrooklynBugle

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