Cadman Plaza Park Turf Defiled by Dog Poop

A shocking photo just in from a BHB reader regarding Cadman Plaza Park:

Dog owners should stay out of the turf. Unleashed dogs are seen everywhere and now kids have to step on their POO. Give us a break!

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Is this a regular occurrence in the park or a one time thing?

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  • Heights parent

    Oh please that’s just silly and ridiculous logic. “Just turn it back into dust bowl…”
    People SHOULD be complaining about the poop on the turf. It’s disgusting. Plain and simple. We don’t need a giant discussion on good vs bad dog owners.
    We need to all come together and figure out how to stop it. Perhaps it is shaming people. Because clearly a whole lot of local dog owners can’t be relied upon to be adults and clean up after their dogs.

    Someone in fort Greene put up a motion activated camera to find people that let their dogs poop in front of their house. Perhaps we need to do something like that.

  • Bkbirddog

    This isn’t dog poop, it’s human poop. Unless you have a picture of a dog actually depositing it there, this whole discussion is unnecessarily inflammatory. But this blog seems to post whatever you send in and then leaves it us to sort out the damage. I guess I should have submitted daily pictures of the park with all the garbage families and kids leave around in the summer? It’s easy complain when you have a keyboard!

  • Arch Stanton

    It’s probably you.

  • Arch Stanton

    Yep, Now I know for sure it’s you.

  • Jorale-man

    Slow news week in the Heights…

  • caninegoodcitizen

    Sorry, my error.

  • Wasnotme

    Nice forensic skills! But I am afraid you are wrong, this was dog poop and stayed there for days…Dry, frozen POOWY.

  • Gormley

    “Morning group”? Is this the group of all off leash dogs all around the field?

    If so, you should be aware that dogs off leash are only allowed on the north end of the park (only until 9am & after 9pm to closing) on the other side of the memorial near the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian entrance.