Manhattan Bound Brooklyn Bridge Closed All Weekend

This in from Notify NYC:

Notification issued 11/7/14 at 3:00 PM. The overnight detours of Manhattan-bound traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge will be extended to include daytime hours this weekend, November 7th to November 10th. During this time, the Brooklyn Bridge will be closed to Manhattan-bound traffic from midnight on Friday night until 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning (54 consecutive hours). Among other operations, this full weekend closure will enable the contractor to place asphalt on a portion of the Manhattan-bound Brooklyn Approach. While the Manhattan Bridge remains an alternative for Manhattan-bound traffic, we urge motorists to also consider taking the Williamsburg Bridge or Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel (MTA-tolled facility) due to an expected high volume of traffic. Brooklyn-bound motorists will access the lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge normally.

There’s more information here.

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  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Remember that if you have an emergency and think you can get to one of the Manhattan hospitals via this route.

  • petercow

    Oh, please.

  • Cindy Sm

    Well that’s a very point. If you
    Have a medical need now you
    Have a choice of Langone emer-
    Gency at the former LICH with
    Its seemingly almost skeleton
    Staff where if you have a serious
    Need you’ll be thrown into the
    wonderful Brooklyn hospital
    Or you can go to the former
    Beekman right over the bridge.
    Guess what everyone given a
    Choice does…Brooklyn hosp.
    Could be best described as
    Brookdale with a (very thin)
    surface Vernier of Presbyterian
    management…at least the Adm.
    On duty speaks English as a first
    Language. But beyond that its

  • petercow

    “Surface Vernier”? Is that different than a Surface Rembrandt?

    Is there any evidence that the closing of LICH has led to higher ambulance response times in BH, and/or higher mortality rates?

    I thought so.

  • peterbull

    Oh, please.

  • bialy

    That hospital was the worst. Filthy dirty.

  • DIBS

    Cindy makes the posters on Gothamist look almost normal

  • Cindy Sm

    Try speaking to the issue….