Will There or Won’t There be a Garage at Riverside Apartments in Willowtown

Remember the saga of the Riverside Apartments parking garage? Well the story continues according to Brooklyn Brief.

Will there or won’t there be a parking garage built there — well the answer is “it’s complicated”:

Brooklyn Brief: The intent to revoke the existing permit was privately announced by the Intergovernmental and Community Affairs Office of the Department of Buildings (DOB), citing a lack of approvals from the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Landmarks Preservation Committee (LPC), and the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR).

The Pinnacle Group, which owns the Riverside Apartments through a subsidiary LLC, advised that some of these agencies had already approved the new version of the project. Furthermore, the company insists it was merely trying to improve upon the property for the benefit of everyone, and accordingly, the permit may well be upheld.

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  • Andrew Porter

    They could improve the property by selling it to a less callous owner.