Brooklyn Heights Dad Outraged Over Inappropriate WiFi Network Name

We received this dispatch from a Brooklyn Heights father regarding a WiFi network name picked up on his daughter’s iPhone:

I’m writing to alert you to a nuisance that has been going on for some time. I’m enclosing a screenshot of a wi-fi name from the dorms on Clark Street… that my teenage daughter pointed out to me.

I don’t think my daughter should have to see this when she comes out of the subway and checks her messages.

I generally like the kids in the dorms, most of them are pretty cool, but this kind of “bro” nonsense needs to be called out. Try being good neighbors, dudes.

Yes, America, “bro” culture is a big issue especially in the tech world. Giving WiFi networks silly names is another issue entirely – but they’re usually silly..well maybe not all the time.

So what do you think of this WiFi name?

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  • AnnaHart

    New Rule of Thumb: If you can’t handle text boobs, you aren’t old enough for a smartphone. I assume it’s the text boobs; I’m not sure which one is offensive, actually.

  • randyfitzimmons

    I agree. belkin.640 is pretty racy.

  • randyfitzimmons

    How dare you. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

  • MissyLynne

    I’m pretty sure if Daddy took a look through his daughter’s messages there will be worse language then just boobies. Get over it, old man.

  • rockojcm

    He’s right.
    Caitlyn is a totally inappropriate name for a wifi network.

  • JustAnother70sName

    Mine used to be FBI surveillance van, but at some point it was reset to boring old “Cisco”.

  • discotechnology

    doesnt she have boobs anyway?

  • Zack

    Yeah, or why look at the WiFi-networks at all at that point she already has the Wifi she uses in her settings, so no need to go in there to connect. Lame!

  • Andrew Porter

    Boobies: a well-known bird name. But we should change it to something innocuous, like “Taliban”…

  • Meredith Horne

    Does he not realize that his daughter has and will always have her own set of ( . ) ( . ) for the rest of her life?? If she’s a teenager as he so claims, then she probably already has ones that have developed/are still developing. It’s a part of nature. Get over it.

  • Meredith Horne

    Sexting on snap chat is probably on there too (or was then it deleted itself 5 seconds later)

  • Eddyde

    Maybe they’re promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

  • Eddyde

    Um… you are on my lawn!

  • MO

    I named mine ICanHearYouHavingKinkySex because I could.

  • Robyn

    If your teenage daughter is offended by ASCII art and the word “boobies”, you failed as a parent. Get out of my city.

  • MIke

    This is an off-campus, private, multi-college dorm, so isn’t isn’t on a school’s network.

  • elektra212

    I think Ill change my wifi name to pussy willow see if that causes a stir..

  • Douche_McGee

    That screen isn’t from it asking her to join the network, it’s under settings, but ya, if she turned off “ask to join” she wouldn’t see it. it’s ridiculous that this is a news story

  • Steve R.

    Go to Life > Get One > Accept. If you are THIS protective about your children, expect a full on out of control rebellion when they are hit with an onslaught of forbidden fruits they never knew about later.

  • elektra212

    As far as I am concerned he can kick rocks.

  • mofo_from_dapoint

    i’d connect to boobies…but i’d be worried about STDs

  • jeepin74

    He needs to calm the f down….In a city wheres its perfectly legal to be walking around with your boobies exposed to the world. Naming your wifi Boobies is hardly a nuisance.

  • John

    How about if the daughter *forgets* this network all together. Better yet, maybe he and his daughter leave the city all together and move to Westchester. I’m sure it’ll be right up their squeaky clean alley!

  • Kary Testino

    OMG, grab your daughter and go back to suburbia…

  • Nestor

    Dear old dad, STFU!

  • choodak

    Perhaps he shouldn’t let his daughter leave the house where she might come into contact with humor?

  • Messy

    That sounds like a complaint.

  • vlock1

    This guy’s an idiot and a child. If I was in range, I’d rename mine FuckUBklynDad.

  • gatornyc

    Touche! Just an observation expressed with frustration.

  • tHAt

    Plus u can delete all the other wifi networks on any device too. Also if the kid has a iPhone they can look up anything on it… Waste of a story..