Brooklyn Heights Dad Outraged Over Inappropriate WiFi Network Name

We received this dispatch from a Brooklyn Heights father regarding a WiFi network name picked up on his daughter’s iPhone:

I’m writing to alert you to a nuisance that has been going on for some time. I’m enclosing a screenshot of a wi-fi name from the dorms on Clark Street… that my teenage daughter pointed out to me.

I don’t think my daughter should have to see this when she comes out of the subway and checks her messages.

I generally like the kids in the dorms, most of them are pretty cool, but this kind of “bro” nonsense needs to be called out. Try being good neighbors, dudes.

Yes, America, “bro” culture is a big issue especially in the tech world. Giving WiFi networks silly names is another issue entirely – but they’re usually silly..well maybe not all the time.

So what do you think of this WiFi name?

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  • Teresa

    Tame compared to a lot I’ve seen. Appreciate the father’s concern, but seems a bit unreasonable to expect that private people can’t name their wifi networks whatever they want. Perhaps the daughter should wait a block before checking her e-mail, or turn off the wifi and rely on cell signal instead.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn off “Ask to Join Networks.” Problem solved.

  • TJAW

    Hope this is the worst problem he or his daughter ever have to face. He has too much time on his hands if THIS is an issue in his life. Sad.

  • jarbro

    Unless you have gone out with a WiFi spectrum analyzer I’d say you are making a big assumption its coming from the dorms. Most college network admins strictly prohibit students from having their own wireless networks and will block them upon discovery. In the meantime, do what CassieVonMontague suggested – added benefit, your daughters device will have better battery life. Source: I am a network admin and have worked in the university space before.

  • Cate

    His daughter was definitely rolling her eyes as he wrote this. She’s likely had to deal with worse already.

  • NYChalf

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • gatornyc

    This! Complaining about absolutely anything and everything as now officially jumped the shark. Uggghhh!

  • Stay Loose

    Yes, mating rituals are obscene. Is he sure the students aren’t avian biology majors who appreciate blue footed boobies? :-D

  • gatornyc

    Thanks for providing a laugh today. Great post!

  • petercow

    Have her wear a burqa – and put one over the AP, too!

  • CHatter

    I for one agree with the Dad. “cisco-wifi” is…well it’s filthy. There I said it. And don’t get me started on “Apt 8S” – clearly a invitation for lewd behavior on the 8th floor. And “belkin.640″ appeals to such a prurient interest on its face that I had to take a cold shower after reading it. The others seem fine though. Love that boobies one, very clever.

  • Heightsman

    And the Pussfication of America continues…

  • Rock E. Fella

    Oops, sorry about that name. I thought it was cute. Just changed network to “A.Weiner’s.Selfies.” Urge your daughter not to Google that one!

  • DIBS

    LOL. yes

  • MonroeOrange

    i may be old but i never saw this (.Y.)

    that’s pretty clever! oh the horror, your daughter saw the word boobs!

  • Bongo23

    Outraged!? Seriously, save your ire for something truly outrageous. Go buy a newspaper, there’s plenty of deserving news items to choose from. Grow up.

  • skunky

    Seriously, this has got to be the dumbest thing anyone has ever written into a local blog to complain about, ever.

  • PubliusBklyn

    Daddy should take a chill pill. One sees more inappropriate stuff from advertising on bus shelters.

  • PubliusBklyn

    Favorite filthy WiFi network name I’ve ever seen: Blow Me to Get On

  • Mark on Middagh

    FFS – – this should be his biggest problem!

  • Weegee

    I usually siphon WiFi from a nice Russian family called the Linskys. There sure are a lot of them around town, too!

  • Eddyde

    Another fine example of petty complaint mongering, by the BHB,,,

  • BrooklynBugle

    Hey we just report the “news”. Now get off our lawn.

  • Lady in the Heights

    Exactly! She is using a device that is worth hundreds of dollars + monthly fees. If boobies is too much, take the device away! She is probably looking at porn on a regular basis, cause that’s what the kids do today – because they can.

  • Lady in the Heights

    And I’m sure the kid has never heard or seen anything racy on the subway before.

  • MiniCooper

    I think this Dad needs to get a hobby.

  • sonamata

    Agreed. The diagram could be a crude attempt at outlining the foot webbing pattern.

  • Chris

    I just went up and down the list twice and couldn’t see anything offensive. Unless… What’s a “Belkin”?

  • Belinda F.

    So…what’s the problem?

  • B

    How does he know it’s a guy’s AP?