NY1 Hosts 52nd AD Debate or “I Will Shut Your Mic Off”

NY1 has posted the first part of its debate between the Democratic candidates for the 52nd Assembly District held on Monday (8/26) night.

Here’s the full debate:

Did you watch? What’s your opinion? Comment away!

BHB will host a debate between the candidates on September 2 at St. Francis College. While walk ups are welcome, we strongly suggest you reserve a spot now here.

We promise we won’t threaten to shut any candidate’s mic off… audience members though…

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  • Doug Biviano

    I would ask Michael DD White about that, i.e. how he exposed and stopped Spaceworks attempt to take over of space in Red Hook Library and Millman getting NY Times to cover the plan to tear down the Brooklyn Heights by Forest City Ratner and Brooklyn Public Library. This gives pause and time to understand the lobbyist PR firm Berlin Rosen represents FCR, the BPL and is trying to get Peter Sikora elected. Berlin-Rosen also works for deBlasio, Brad Lander, Dan Squadron, and Steve Levin. deBlasio and Lander are for the tearing down of the library, Levin won’t take a position and Squadron is all over the place trying to deceive the voters yet again. The conflict of interest boggles the mind. WHO REPRESENTS THE VOTERS?

  • Justin Ian

    Shame on you Doug for spreading fear in our community with reckless, unsubstantiated statements like this. You talk about the library being torn down without any reference to the fact that the BPL will be replacing the current dingy, 1960s facility with a brand new, large branch on the same site while generating millions for their other libraries. The library has stated over and over and over and over again that Forrest City isn’t involved in the project. You’re well within your rights to criticize the Library plan, but should do so based on the actual facts of the project. Anything else is irresponsible fear mongering. I’m sure you’ll claim that I’m just repeating BPL’s propaganda, but how is that any different from accepting what Micheal DD White tells you? DD White claims the library is lying without any actual evidence to back up any of his wild accusations.

    Call me naive but I have a tendency to give more credit to the statements of a not-for-profit that has been running libraries in Brooklyn for over a century over the ravings of an unemployed urban planner with a poorly written blog.

  • ujh

    I agree with you. To date (incl. the BHB-sponsored debate at St. Francis on 9/2), Biviano has not offered any legislative proposals or a vision of how he would operate in the Assembly. It’s disconcerting that currently more BHB participants are gullible and falling for his grandstanding by favoring him in the BHB poll to Peter Sikora who, at least, has something concrete to say.