Brooklyn Heights Library CAC Meeting 6:30pm Tuesday at Borough Hall

According to notices posted today at the Brooklyn Heights Library branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, on Tuesday October 7 in the Borough Hall Community Room, 3rd Floor (209 Joralemon Street) the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Brooklyn Heights Project will meet to hear about developer selection for the Brooklyn Heights Redevelopment Project and learn next steps involved in the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) for this project as well as a proposed interim library space.

This discussion is open to the general public and comments from the audience will be permitted after the CAC discusses this complex and multi-faceted proposal, which includes: a 40+ story residential tower housing a new 21,000 square foot library to be built on the current site; 114 units of affordable housing at a separate location; and an interim library to be located at Our Lady of Lebanon Church.

Borough President Eric Adams plans to attend, depending upon his schedule. Jo Anne Simon, the Democratic nominee for the 52nd Assembly District, also hopes to attend, schedule permitting.

Jim Vogel, representing New York State Senator Velmanette Montgomery is confirmed as is Casey Adams, representing New York City Council Member Stephen Levin. Also expected to attend are representatives from Citizens Defending Libraries.

PHOTO CAPTION: Renderings of the proposed residential tower and new branch for the Brooklyn Heights Library (courtesy Marvel Architects)

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  • marshasrimler

    Dear Neighbors
    i urge you to attend the library cac meeting tonight
    Think about the upcoming developments-Monatague st monstrosity,overbuilt on steroids dock st., Huge Jay st.,
    ,the bones of Lich, Pier 6 (if it happens). Do we need
    libraries and schools or private luxury condo development?
    Also go to the New york city campaign finance board and look up the outsized , huge contributions given to Mayor DeBlasio by members of the BPL Board of Trustees and its chairman (Trustees names are on BPL site)
    What exactly is going on here? Remember this is public land.
    Have a wonderful day
    ps. note i will not be responding to insults today

  • bethman14

    Dear Neighbors:

    I urge you to attend this evening’s CAC with an open and inquisitive mind. Lets demonstrate that Brooklyn Heights is a thoughtful community that cares about appropriate and progressive development, not a bastion of crabby NIMBYs booing, hissing and carrying on like children. Plenty of our neighbors have legitimate questions about this project….tonight is an opportunity for a constructive, positive dialogue with the library and the developers. What a tragedy it would be if we loose this opportunity to shape the future of our library and our community because our voices are drowned out by the hysterics of the Marsha Rimmler-Mike White lead CDL crazies. Too many of these CAC meetings have been dominated by the Mike and Marsha show…carrying on about conspiracies, screaming about lawsuits, interrupting speakers, making it impossible to hear presentations. They do a great disservice to our community, the vast majority of which is made up of reasonable and intelligent people. Lets hope they aren’t allowed to hijack tonight’s conversation. Lets have a real conversation about our library, and lets all work together to make sure that the new Cadman Plaza library is the best in Brooklyn and a community facility we can all be proud of for years to come. Mike and Marsha have had far more than their 15 minutes…time for the rest of us to be heard.

  • bethman14

    Wait so deBlasio’s the problem now? I thought he was your White Knight? What happened to the old Marsha “elections have consequences” Rimmler? Weren’t you assuring everyone last year that the project would die with the Bloomberg administration at the stroke of midnight on Jan 1?

  • marshasrimler

    insults aside.. This will not happen .. it will be stopped by the political or judicial intervention.
    This last piece of city land in Brooklyn Heights to be developed should not go to private hands

  • Andrew Porter

    I love that rendering, which manages to show the towering buildings of Brooklyn Heights…

  • bethman14

    Brooklyn Heights proper is lower scale but like it or not, Cadman Plaza isn’t and hasn’t been for many decades. This building will be shorter than most of the existing structures on Cadman Plaza….and a good deal nicer also.

  • martinlschneider

    Focus, focus, focus.
    The building, the library, the facade, the entry etc
    Focus, focus, focus.

  • marshasrimler

    thank you

  • ujh

    There’s no such thing as Brooklyn Heights “proper.” There’s the geographic area of Brooklyn Heights and there’s the Historic District of Brooklyn Heights with its height restrictions. Henry Street south to Clark forms a portion of the eastern border of the historic district; the Cadman high rises are in BH but not in the historic district.

  • Teresa

    Perhaps take your own advice? Calling people who disagree with you names isn’t exactly modeling an open mind.