Actor Dan Stevens, Brooklyn Heights Resident, Profiled in New Yorker

English actor Dan Stevens, who played Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey as well as Orlando in As You Like It at the BAM Harvey Theater and starred in The Heiress on Broadway, now lives with his wife and two young children in Brooklyn Heights. He’s profiled in this New Yorker piece by Rebecca Mead. Mead quotes him on being a dad in Brooklyn: “[G]etting my head around the New York school system has been a bit of a baptism of fire: it’s quite intense.” He said people here talk about kindergarten the way those in Britain talk about universities. The article also describes an amusing encounter between Stevens and fellow Brit expat, and Cobble Hill resident, Martin Amis.

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  • LDS

    The web series “high maintenance” is very funny. Hard to believe that was Matthew!

  • Andrew Porter

    So much more likable and talented than Lena Dunham…

  • ClaudeScales

    Well, you and Ross Douthat can fight it out over that:

  • GHB

    And you’re the local arbiter of talent? And likeability? Does it make you feel better to rag on Lena Dunham every chance you get? The article isn’t even about her!

  • Andrew Porter

    Such hostility! Tsk, tsk. Take a Valium, will ya?

  • GHB

    Oh, STFU!

  • Heightsman

    Just watched three episodes of his web series….very addicting. Pun intended. Ack Ack.