Vote Today 11/4/14

This Tuesday, November 4 is election day. There are many contested races in our district. They are for: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Comptroller, State Attorney General, State Senator, State Assembly Member, Representative in the U.S. Congress, and Justice of the State Supreme Court. There are also three Ballot Proposals which must receive voter approval to become effective. The first would change the way district boundaries for various elective offices are drawn, the second would authorize electronic distribution of state legislation, and the third would authorize a bond issue to fund schools. Details of these proposals are here. Note: these proposals are on the back of your ballot; you must turn it over to vote yes or no on them before having it scanned. You can see who the candidates are here.

Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Don’t know where to vote? Find out here.

Photo via: Jacob Blickenstaff

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  • LDS has a helpful online voting guide…

  • gerrymander

    Please vote -NO- tomorrow on Amendment “A” (redistricting). This add a veneer of objectivity to a process that will still controlled by the State Legislature. We’re much better off defeating this proposal and pressing for a truly non-partisan redistricting process.

  • David on Middagh

    So far, I’ll be voting:

    NOTHING on the redistricting amendment. Because it’s impossible to tell from here whether corruption will be discouraged or enhanced.

    YES on the paper-reduction item (which seems like it shouldn’t need voter approval, but what do I know);

    NO on the school bond (which doesn’t restrict the amount that goes for iPads; and by iPads I mean expensive tech that requires tons of money for support, doesn’t teach kids how to think, and will be old before it’s been paid off). But I suppose reasonable people can differ.

  • NeighboorHood

    If you are voting Dem, please consider voting for your candidates on the Working Family Party line. Your choice still gets your vote and WFP stays a strong voice to hold Cuomo and his admin our progressive agendas of equality and reform.
    I’m voting NO on the 3 ballot amendments. #1 is bogus “reform” of redistricting.
    # 3 is a misuse of funds for education that could be spent much more effectively than squandering on “technology”. (like infrastructure, more teachers etc).
    #2 seems like an example of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
    And contact at least 1 other person to make sure they are voting! Democracy is not a spectator sport as they say;)

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Cuomo is directly responsible for killing Long Island College Hospital (LICH) — so if are angry about losing the hospital, don’t vote for Cuomo under the Democratic, Working Families Party or Women’s Equality Party.

    Vote Green or write-in Teachout, etc., or vote Republican.

    Just vote Cuomo out! (Wouldn’t hurt to vote out Cuomo’s lackies, AG Schneiderman and Comptroller Di Napoli, too for approving the SUNY/Fortis deal.)

  • T.K. Small

    Again, it was another crappy voting experience. Consistent with federal obligations to supply electronic ballot marking devices and scanners, New York State provides them, but I find the accessible equipment too damn exasperating! The poll workers are beyond incompetent and the machines do not really accommodate my disability. What really irritated me this time was not that I was not able to privately and independently cast my ballot, but rather, that the poll workers were directing their questions and instructions to to my Personal Assistant. Breaches of disability etiquette like this just drives me nuts! I know that these workers were trained because I personally trained the trainers and assisted in the development of the training materials. Under no circumstances will second-class citizenship be tolerated!

  • Cindy Sm

    That’s what’s so terrible, besides the
    Really terrible aspects of electronic
    Voting, the huge opportunities for
    Vote fraud, the lack of transparency
    And verifiable results…not to mention
    The death of one of the up till now
    Most cherished American marker
    Of freedom; the secret ballot….
    But besides All that, the behavior
    Of the election sites staffs are often
    To final crowning insult for hundreds
    Of voters without doubt every year….