Election Day Wrap Up: Squadron, Simon Win

Daniel Squadron won re-election to the New York State Senate’s 26th district and Jo Anne Simon won her race the 52nd Assembly District in Tuesday’s election. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who many residents of Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill vowed to vote against for his role in the closure of LICH, easily won a second term.

Earlier in the day, confusion reigned in the 52nd AD race as Simon’s challenger for the Democratic nomination, Pete Sikora, was listed on the ballot as the Working Families Party nominee. Sikora had stated many times before Election Day that if he did not win the Democratic nod, he would not campaign on the WFP line. The Brooklyn Eagle adds:

There were some voting-day surprises. The Working Families Party endorsed Jo Anne Simon in Brooklyn’s Assembly District 52 – despite Pete Sikora’s name being printed on the WFP line on the ballot.

City Councilmember Brad Lander sent out robocalls asking residents of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope to vote for Simon. Responding to a confused voter via Twitter, he explained, “My 52AD robocall included ‘Please vote for @JoAnneSimonBK52 on Row A!’ @WorkingFamilies & I have endorsed JoAnne.”

In a tweet, Sikora explained, “I wasn’t going to run in general, but there’s no way to swap names on ballot line after prim[ary].” In another tweet he endorsed his former rival Simon: “I’m not running anymore… my name on @WorkingFamilies line is vestige of dem primary. ppl should vote for @JoAnneSimonBK52″

However another controversy popped up on Tuesday — it looks like Senator Squadron could use a copy editor:

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  • DoBro84

    Pleased with the election results as are most who live in Brooklyn.

    Governor, Cuomo/Hochul, 67.58% in Kings County

    Assembly District 52, Simon, 66.73%

    Senate District 26, Squadron, 65.37%

    Source: http://nyenr.elections.state.ny.us/home.aspx

  • someone

    Very interesting if you choose to break down the Governors race results by County and see where he got the votes and what the percentage of votes was in Kings County. So much about sticking it to him for closing LICH. The City alone got him re-elected as he didn’t fare very well percentage wise in the other counties.

  • ml

    This is pretty typical. The City is where the vast majority of the votes for any Democratic statewide candidate come from.