Whole Lotta Filming Going on in Brooklyn Heights: Gotham, The Americans, The Mysteries of Laura

Oy to the vey, folks. Lots of filming going on in Brooklyn Heights – last week’s Power shoot on Halloween got the attention of the New York Post and today we noticed signs for a shoot of Fox’s Gotham on Hicks Street on Thursday (11/6) as well as a shoot on Friday (11/7) of NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura. FX’s The Americans, starring Brooklyn Heights resident Kerri Russell, is scheduled to shoot in the North Heights next week.

For Thursday’s Gotham shoot move your car from the following locations or it will be “relocated” after 10PM Wednesday:
Willow both sides between Clark and Orange
Hicks both sides between Clark and Orange
Pineapple both sides between Columbia Heights and Henry
Henry both sides between Clark and Orange
Cadman Plaza West between Tillary and Middagh

Signs posted for The Mysteries of Laura shoot on Henry on Friday say that cars must be moved by noon on Thursday (11/6).

See a sign for filming in the area? Post a photo in the comments below or tweet it to us @bkheightsblog.

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  • Teresa

    I think there’s a whole bunch more scheduled for next week, too, around the 11th and 12th.

  • BrooklynBugle

    yes The Americans.

  • AEB

    The now-constant filming in the north Heights (and why ONLY in the North Heights?) has resulted in a blizzard of notices taped to every local pole.

    When, recently, a filming date switch was made for a particular shoot, the incorrect notices were taken down and replaced, but the old tape used to attach them wasn’t. The result is ugly, akin to litter being left in the street.

    Seems to me that if the companies are going to use our neighborhood for their filming, and moreover colonize it with paper and other debris, THEY SHOULD CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES!


  • Cindy Sm

    There are a number of very effective
    Ways to limit or greatly limit the
    Damage or insult film types do to
    A neighborhood. All kinds of cities
    And town have set clear limits on
    What is acceptable. But you can’t
    Do that whining. You need very
    Public noise. And…there HAS to
    Be the clear prospect of judicial
    Intervention…because that’s the
    Way it is with ANY part of the
    Wonderful “entertainment
    Industry” they HAVE to know
    Their actions have a good
    Likelihood of coming under
    A serious review of a court…
    Otherwise, its all fun and

  • heightsdiho

    Which blocks of Henry are affected for The Mysteries of Laura shoot? Also Clark and Orange?

  • redlola

    i live on hicks. so done with this. it’s like i have to ask their permission to go to my house. there has got to be a way to limit the relentless burden on north heights.

  • AEB

    May I suggest, redlola, that the next time some twelve-year-old crew member tells you to cross the street or to wait until they’ve shot something before you return home, you simple say, No–and proceed as you normally do?

    I’ve done it; it works.

  • redlola

    thanks. i have too but the endless commandeering of already precious few parking spots and the lights at all hours is my bigger issue. it seems like north heights is being saddled with a disproportionate amount of this. it should be staggered with breathing room in between. we are a neighborhood not a universal studios lot.

  • Shivam

    Hello, I’m reporting for Columbia Journalism School. I’m writing a story about the experiences of people who live in neighborhoods that see constant filming. Please email me at ss4681@columbia.edu or call me on (917) 861-2978

  • Cindy Sm

    Tell you what…why doesn’t every-
    One on film plagued blocks WHO
    simply make up a big, say 6 X 6 foot
    high impact sign saying no filming
    Here or films unwelcome or the
    Name(s) of the star(s) go home.
    If even a few of the Tennant’s or
    Owners did that exterior shots
    Would be impossible or Very diff-
    Icult..add to that flyers explaining
    The action and urging OTHER
    Blocks to do the same and the
    Film types would. Get the message
    Fast….but if you just want
    To complain you’ll continue
    To be walked on by the “crea-
    tive ones….

  • perryschaffer

    I wrote to Stephen Levin. Below, their reply.

    Thank you for your note. The Council Member is certainly aware that there are many perspectives in this debate and we are hoping to strike a balance between the needs of the vibrant film industry in NYC and the residents whose neighborhoods are most in demand for filming. Our office is communicating concerns about the frequency and volume of film shoots in the Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill neighborhoods recently to the responsible office directly and we will be pushing them to pursue relief measures for these overburdened communities.

    I encourage you to take a look at our film bill, Intro 84, which would compel the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting to compile and publish statistics on filming and formulate reports on the industry’s economic and quality of life impact at the borough, community board, council district and street levels. We hope these reports will eventually inform a more comprehensive discussion of the film industry’s relationship with the city and its residents.


    Casey Adams
    Deputy Chief of Staff
    Office of Council Member Stephen Levin
    410 Atlantic Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11207
    718-875-5200 (Tel)
    718-643-6620 (Fax)

  • AEB

    Mealy-mouthed bureaucrat-ese, I’m afraid. However, thanks for making the effort, perryschaffer.

  • Cindy Sm

    The “vibrant film industry”? How about
    A series of terms which really discribe
    Their nature; like arrogant, self absorbed
    Feelings-mean-nothing “ethical” outlook.

    And this in no way treats their social behav-
    ior…the degree of the involvement with the
    Drug culture by so MANY Major film industry
    figures alone is a real measure of the moral
    “Influence” we are dealing with here…..

  • Cindy Sm

    Its very simple, film crews disrupting
    Your life? Disrupt their ability to film
    At least exterior scenes..post big
    High impact signs. Where parking is
    Still legal get a roof sign rack and
    Place a sign. Refuse to be shooed
    Away from your property or home.
    Stand with a big “unwelcome”
    Banner in front of your building.
    Invite the press to your protest.
    Or be disrespected……

  • Andrew Porter

    The time of the year when I start walking around with a box cutter in my pocket, to cut those things down…